Immersive video meeting is the need of the hour when meeting is important

Immersive video meeting is the need of the hour when meeting is important

(Switch to Immersive Group Video Collaboration Solutions – from your traditional video conferencing system & Get the feel of a smooth travel on highway in a car than a bumpy ride on a tractor on a broken village road)

Have you ever noticed that in spite of having video conferencing facility at all your locations, Intra office travel for business meetings, project & review meetings is happening frequently?

Traditional Video Conferencing because of its low immersive nature & struggles involved in operation makes it difficult for its users to enjoy hassle free video interactions.

Immersive nature of video meeting defines whether video meetings are comparable to face to face meetings or not. Low Immersive nature of Video Conferencing meeting gives the feeling of having a bumpy ride on a tractor on a broken village road instead of having a smooth travel in a luxury car on a highway.

Conventional Video Conferencing meeting experience is not only cumbersome but also very frustrating making business meetings ineffective, thus travelling becomes necessary.

It is observed , senior executives are investing perhaps one third to half of their time in business travels for business strategies and sales reviews in spite of having video conferencing everywhere..  This ultimately reflects finally in the key financials of the organization as a lost opportunity. Every single day matters!! Lost times give way to lost opportunities!!

It takes a lot from the personal productivity of senior executives, making them unable to make a bigger difference for the success of the organization. Immersive Video Collaboration is important for an organiasation when the meeting is important. It is high time to upgrade your existing Video Conferencing Systems with Immersive Video Collaboration Systems.

Let’s discuss few of the Major Challenges involved in Video Conferencing:  

  1. It is tedious to focus camera manually on speaker and alternately on whole group. Distant participants appear 1/10th of their actual size in a two-locations meeting, while they appear stamp size heads in a multi-location meeting.
  2. Poor eye contact makes unconsciously uncomfortable, induces doubts & reduces trust.
  3. Video quality further worsens during sharing of content or multipoint video calls because of poor quality network bandwidth.
  4. Old network cabling and infrastructure also decrease the video quality. In some cases older non high definition codec’s are so bad that audio teleconferencing becomes a better option than video meetings.
  5. Smudgy video quality and body language is not visible.
  6. Poor audio quality with echo & hiss leaves the end users straining and they can only identify the movements of hands of far site speakers
  7. Apart from seeing and talking, no serious work is accomplished in conventional Video Conferencing meetings. Besides, multiple challenges are involved, like sharing of desktop content, whiteboard explanations, sharing of documents which is easy in face to face meetings!
  8. Users are unable to join a meeting without IT assistance.
  9. End users cannot connect to multiple locations on demand?
  10. Scheduling and connecting multiple locations meetings require days of planning and organizing.
  11. Further, Immersiveness achieved in conventional video conferencing solutions is reduced up to 5 to 10% and is responsible for significant reduction in the productivity of management teams.

In this fast changing ultra-competitive business world, fast decision making is important and can only be achieved when the employees are directed in the right direction at the right time. It helps them to meet their important deadlines, important for the growth of any business.

What ever gets measured face to face frequently gets done!  This is the reason, substitute of face to face meeting is needed by every organization and this objective can only be achieved with high definition Immersive Video Collaboration System.

Business Octane is the only ultra-super specialist in the domain of Immersive video collaboration, specialized in the domain of Telepresence Systems and has pioneered one of its kind solutions with its in–house research of last 10 years and has created High Definition Immersive Group video Collaborations, 5 – 20 times more effective than video conferencing system, providing a cure for all the above mentioned problems related to traditional Video Conferencing Systems.

Immersive Video Collaborations can also empower your Senior Management Teams to have hassle free interaction with teams, doing reviews across the organization that will exceed their expectations as these video meetings would be as good as face-to-face reviews at the same time drastically decreasing their travel time.

Switch to a new age of thinking and Immersive Video Collaboration as Effective Immersive Video Collaboration is the need of the hour – When meeting is Important!!

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