Meeting Room Reservation System

Business Octane offers SchedulGARDLITE as a Meeting Room Booking System or Meeting Room Reservation System. This room reservation system is easy to use for local, audio or video meeting Room booking as it displays the availability status of a meeting room in an enterprise.

Display system of this meeting room reservation system turns green if the room is available and turns red when booked & gives clear indication that you cannot use the room as it is booked. Also, it displays the meeting name and meeting host name.

At the same time ScheduleGARDLITE + MeetingLITE is a comprehensive Meeting room reservation system & booking system along with countdown timer which not only allows end users to have a comprehensive room booking & availability display system but also allows them to manage meetings in the defined time limit.

Advantages of SchedulGARDLITE:

It is a comprehensive meeting Room booking and meeting room reservation system and scheduling solution which displays the meeting name and meeting host name.

The rooms can be booked through the Microsoft Outlook or it can be booked Adhoc from the SchedulGARD™ LITE touch panel itself. No Outlook plug in required to make it work.

It requires only one LAN wire connection i.e. Power over Ethernet and has highly aesthetic design. User can check all the scheduled meetings for meeting rooms. Users can report unused bookings and can report technical problems of the room. With this room reservation system clash of meetings of various departments for the same meeting room can be avoided.

Key benefits and usability of MeetingLITE with ScheduleGARDLITE:

MeetingLITE is a display system placed inside the room which works as a countdown timer, enabling participants to see the total meeting time left for the meeting for which the meeting room is booked. It gives a beep sound, enabling the end users to sense how much time is left to finish the ongoing meeting. MeetingLITE is a powerful Room scheduling and meeting room time management solution

The meeting room reservation system and meeting room booking systems are making enterprise-wide meetings much more time productive by removing the hassles of room booking and scheduling involved in meeting room bookings.

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