Company Secretary

Key collaboration concerns of the Company Secretary that our solutions address

1) In spite of having video conferencing facilities in every office my directors are not very comfortable doing board meetings over video conferencing because it does not fulfill their basic expectations for a high quality group interaction so essential for board meetings. So they have to travel to one place for the same. On account of this we also do not have board meetings as frequently we would like to have ideally. So how to conduct frequent board meeting without making their directors and top management travel which causes a lot of their time getting wasted yet without compromising on their effectiveness?

2) Making every board of director travel to one location for board meetings involves a huge cost. Per travelling director per meeting cost comes approx INR one lakh as they only travel business class and stay in the best hotels. So how can they reduce these costs?

3) We have to conduct some emergency board meetings over Video conferencing but it is so difficult to get the same recorded which is the compulsory requirement of the law for meeting corporate governance norms. How to record these board meeting easily and without compromising on the confidentiality of the meetings which is another requirement of the law?

4) Are there any very high quality professional facilities in India where they can have their board of directors come and join the meeting over video?

How can Business Octane help the Company Secretary?

Business Octane can help you solve the problems of which your nationwide directors face in attending and their organization faces in conducting various board meetings while reducing the overall cost of conducting board meetings and AGMs.

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