Boardroom Video Conferencing

Business Octane presents Immersive studios for Immersive video Conferencing, Boardroom Video Conferencing & large group Video Conferencing, making video collaboration experience across the enterprise an unforgettable experience.

How Immersive collaboration and immersive video conferencing is different from ordinary video conferencing?

Immersive collaboration and immersive video conferencing are getting an edge over traditional video conferencing, using the latest technology of Telepresence. Immersive collaboration defines how close the video collaboration experience is near to face to face meetings experience. Immersive video conferencing is 5- 20 more effective than ordinary video conferencing and boardroom video conferencing because of Telepresence technology. Miniature appearance of the participants in multiple location Video Conferencing meetings is a thing of past now. The Telepresence technology provides life size visuals of the participants, crystal clear video, smooth audio quality & teleconferencing experience and gives face to face replication kind of experience.

Immersive studios from Business Octane offer an amazing board room conferencing experience and large group Video Conferencing for your key decision makers. Instead of making them travel half of the world, let them walk to the Ultra – Immersive environment of Immersive studio/ Immersive Collaboration rooms from the comfort of their own office, collaborate with remote management, worldwide teams, suppliers, partners and stakeholders with an unprecedented ease.

Also, let them address their nationwide teams & large gathering wherein they can see all the participants clearly from a distance less than 4 ft, reading their body language all the time, just as if they are present in the same room. It’s the Immersive Group Telepresence experience. The Patented DynamicTeleALLPresence also enables your senior management see all the participants all the times clearly on the left & rights screens while seeing current speaker life size on the center screen.

Use of immersive studios and immersive video conferencing rooms:

Immersive studios and immersive video conferencing rooms offered by Business Octane are apt for all kinds of Boardroom Video conferencing, Business Review, town Hall events or even for simple teleconferencing.

With immersive studios and immersive conferencing rooms the experience of Immersive video Conferencing, Immersive Boardroom Video Conferencing & large group Video Conferencing is amazingly comfortable and unbelievable never felt before.

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