Altratouchcontent monitor

Altratouchcontent monitor

How to get everybody on the same page in your local meetings as well as far site video meetings?  

Do you feel that all the participants in your meetings are unable to see the content clearly from the whiteboard or Black-board due to distance from their seat?

Do you feel that during your video conferencing meetings, it is difficult to share and view the content?

Do you feel that in your review meetings all the participants are unable to see the excel sheet clearly and your reviews & sales analysis are getting ineffective in the absence of clarity?

Do you feel that all the participants of your meetings should annotate on the same presentation to make it more productive?

Do you feel that all your whiteboards explanations and progress should be saved, printed or emailed instantly?

Sort out all these problems and get everybody on the same page & same excel cell with AltraTouchContent Monitors which are Ideal for showing content in both video as well as local presentations.

Enabling everyone to read the meeting content crystal clear, instant presentation annotation, opening a whiteboard in front of your seat so that all the participants can simultaneously work upon the same presentation, easy print and email are the new unique capabilities of AltraTouchContent monitor from Business Octane.

This unique game changer from Business Octane will help make all your Local & Video meetings successful and business reviews efficient. Do all your sale analysis accurately by working on the same excel cell of your sheets.

Few of the important features of AltraTouchContent are as:

  1. AltraTouchContent 6 is a vertically retractable 1080p true high definition touch monitor that can be fitted in front of your seats in meeting, conference room tables and training rooms.
  2. Non obtrusive, low form factor with 150 degree angle recline & adjustable individually.
  3. Can be easily retrofitted from top on any conference table with modesty panels.
  4. One content monitor is ideally shared by 2 people. Can also be used by 3 people.
  5. Pair it with Business Octane’s AltraWORKDriverVCTM, and get an amazing capability of whiteboard & annotation. .All annotations can be saved, emailed & printed.
  6. Get an array of multiple color pens as against typical black color!!
  7. Multiple people can write on the same content & screen.
  8. Can be fitted easily anywhere, best suitable for your huddle rooms, boardroom rooms, and conference rooms and training/ class rooms, can be retrofitted with utmost ease.
  9. They can easily go inside your desks just at the press of a button, keeping your desks & tables clutter free. A spectacle to see!!

Business Octane is world’s Ultra- super specialist in the domain of Immersive Video Collaboration and Immersive Video Collaborative Learning with one of its kind solutions originating from in house research and development over the last 10 years. Business Octane has pioneered  a whole  set of  new paradigms of  business Interactions  over video which are not only 5 to 20 times more effective than traditional  video conferencing system for replicating the experience of face to face group reviews.

So now what are you waiting for – get all your team members on the same page & same whiteboard by making them work together on the same presentation and make it more productive.


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