Professional Video Codecs & MCU’s

Yealink VC880

  • 1080p/60fps video quality as standard.
  • Set up a multi-location call up to 24 participants by picking locations from the directory of phone and press dial.
  • Super 30% video and audio packet loss recovery technology which guarantees smooth video communication even on poor networks. You have to see the video quality to believe it! Currently no other codec can give this kind of video quality over poor networks as they typically have only 5% packet loss tolerance.
  • VC880 comes with CP 960 that acts as a stand alone audio teleconferencing device as well as microphone cum touch panel for the video conferencing system. Supports video call recording and user control of the multipoint layouts in 1+4, 1+7 and 3×3=9 layout format with additional capability of fixed speaker or voice activated speaker.
  • H.265 reduces bandwidth consumption up to 50% than any other H.264 video codec 1080P/30FPS from 512kbps.
  • VC880 is ideally married with a Business Octane’s 5x zoom 83o horizontal field of view(H-FOV)/ 12x zoom 73o H-FOV camera that has HDMI as well USB output for *soft video conferencing too.
Phone Phone touch screen powers both audio and video control. You will never have to look for those remotes again!
Stand alone HD Audio Teleconferencing Pair it with your PBX and set HD quality audio teleconferencing.
Pair with Lifesize Cloud Share directory, virtual meeting rooms, seamless call escalation, name-based dialing, automatic software updates and more.
Easy camera control Control camera from phone touch panel. Pan, tilt and zoom camera options, including support for up to 1080p60 HD. Icon 400 has 3x zoom, Icon 450 has 5x zoom and Icon 600 has 8x zoom
Seamless Call Escalation Accept requests to join your call and add others via your directory with simple click of the remote.
Streamlined Intuitive UI Meetings directory, unified user interface during multi party calls, unified corporate directory, name-based dialing, presence, chat and favorites
Video Quality Up to 1080p60
Presentation quality and sharing Up to 1080p physical data port
Presentation Layout Get an unique wrap around presentation and content layout for Icon 400, 450 & 600 with single display which is not available with any other codec in the world!
HD monitors 1 monitor for both Icon 400 & 450 and dual monitor option for Icon 600
  • This amazing robust codec provides worlds best combination of built-in standard 1080/60 live video with 1080p/60 live content dual display support as against other vendors who sell 1080/60 license for people video extra and yet their content goes only to 1080/30fps.
  • It also includes dual display support, HD audio, H.264 High Profile and Scalable Video Coding (SVC).
  • It comes with a premium 5 way microphone audio pod and is married with a Business Octane 5x zoom 83o horizontal field of view(H-FOV)/ 12x zoom 73o H-FOV camera that has HDMI as well USB output for *soft video conferencing at an amazing prize point that is hard to believe!

Avaya XT4300

*For soft video conferencing additional speakerphone with USB connectivity like CP960 is required with rack PC or user PC

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