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(a) We will device a collection mechanism which may include take-back through dealers, collection points or directly through authorized dismantlers/recyclers.
(b) We will also have an arrangement of collection of E-waste from individual consumers and bulk consumers as well.
(c) We will publicize our collection system which may include details of our collection points, bins linked to collection points, for making collection system effective and workable.
(d) The take-back system will be provided, it would be accessible to any citizen located anywhere in the country and will be provided through retailers/dealers or through service centers.
(e) Customer’s awareness through various modes.
(f) Contacts by customer showing intent to part with appliance
(g) Pick up by collection agency from the customer (to be intended)
(h) Taking units to collection points (identified)
(i) Move the collected appliances to recycling (to be identified)
(j) We will provide consumer/bulk consumer following details of take back;
Link of our Website URL: www.businessoctane.com
Toll free number 1800-180-1818 will be available during working hours
Phone number/mobile number 9810081583
Dedicated call center number which can give awareness and uniform information dissemination to customer about our collection points and our collection agency (as and when we finalize the same) we are still working the details of partner/agencies to work with. Details of dealers, retailers, collection points and our/bins/pickup vans linked to collection points for depositing of e-waste by the consumer/bulk consumers if they are part of the take back system. (k) We will begin with piloting in some large state and basis our learning; we will expand to 20 states
where we have our collection points.
(l) The copies of agreement documents with dealers have not been provided as we will incorporate e-waste clause in future agreement.
(m) Details of any incentive scheme for consumers/bulk consumers for returning of e-waste We have not frozen any specific scheme like buy back; exchange etc. however surely all such ideas will be considered as we move ahead and we may use a combination of these from time to time
(n) Details of authorized dismantlers/recyclers who can take-back e-waste on behalf of the producer if dismantlers/recyclers are part of take back system

Budgetary Allocation for EPR

S. No. Activities Planned Budget Allocated as on date
1 Awareness Program like Special Printed information on products & at Dealers point 55,000.00
2 Collection scheme like logistics 55,000.00
3 Channelization 15,000.00
4 ROHS Testing 15,000.00

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