Video optimized display systems!

Designed elements designed to improve eye contact, reduce clutter, reduce ambient equipment noise & make embedding technology easier. All that while dramatically improving room aesthetics!

  • Monolithic Dynamic Telepresence Acoustic Display Systems / Group Telepresence Acoustic Display Systems for improving your eye contact and natively embedding speakers and multiple cameras while improving the room aesthetics.
  • Also, it can be placed against the glass walls for a new age look and can be easily moved in future for protecting your investment!
  1. Excellent Eye-Contact: Intellectually designed to minimize the parallax error to provide the best eye-to-eye contact, keeping minimal difference in the level of your eye and height of the camera.
  2. Highest Installation Flexibility: No alterations required in the existing interiors, as it is a free standing monolithic assembly which does not need to be mounted on the wall.
  3. Concealed Sound System: The High Density Fiber frame conceals within a high definition sound system for the best quality unidirectional audio which helps you easily recognize whosoever is speaking before even looking at the screen.
  4. New age aesthetics: With its state-of-the-art Monolithic design and immaculate finish, it is a masterpiece which can be branded with your own corporate color. The frame is easily openable for hassle-free maintenance whenever need arises. For the first time you can mount the displays against the glass wall which will further mount three cameras.
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