National Project Head

Key collaboration concerns of the National Project Head that our solutions address

Concerns which the various organizational project heads have shared regarding their inability of conducting frequent highly effective reviews which is slowing down the pace of execution of the various large nationwide/worldwide projects of their organization leading to large cost overruns and incurring of a huge opportunity cost for the organization.

1. As we oversee projects across the nation/world we cannot do frequent reviews with our execution teams of senior on site officials as much as we would like to do as it would require a very high frequency of travelling for our key on site officers to our HO because best reviews are conducted face to face only.

But because travelling consumes lot of either mine or my nationwide/worldwide senior executives very valuable time and is also a very expensive proposition, face to face reviews cannot be done as frequently as we would like to do. This causes huge delays in implementation of various projects.

To get over above problems we have already tried conducting reviews over Video conferencing but have found them not to be even 10% as effective as reviewing face to face on account of whole lot of struggles me and my on site teams have to endure in video teleconferences every time when we connect another location over video conferencing.

It becomes further worse when we have to review with multiple project locations or multiple stakeholders officers simultaneously together which often is the case.

If face to face review experience is like travelling by a luxurious car on a expressway then the experience of a review over video is like travelling on a bumpy road sitting on the floor in a crowded open tractor trolley. So this is not the experience we can really work with to increase the pace of execution of our important projects!!

So how to conduct the various project reviews with the nationwide project team senior executives at one another or multiple locations simultaneously on demand frequently with an effectiveness of same location reviews without making them frequently travel to our HO which they are still forced to do in spite of having access to do video conferencing?

2. Travelling to a lot of our project sites is very difficult, very risky and a lot of times we have to hire helicopters or charter planes. All this apart from not very safe is also very expensive. So how to reduce the travelling time, risk and the massive costs associated with these projects. Video conferencing has not solved our problems.

How can Business Octane help the National Project Head?

Business Octane can help by empowering your organization with unprecedentedly effective new paradigms of immersive video reviews and can help you dramatically accelerate the speed of implementation of various large projects of your organization.

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