Content collaboration solutions on the table, that look absolutely FABULOUS like multiple Mac Books on table!

Get everyone on the same whiteboard and same excel cell across your organization with World’s most powerful, effective and elegant 150 degree on-table content monitors. Now no more straining to read excel content. All your visitors will be very impressed too!

  • Now everybody can read the content crystal that too without feeling any obstruction on the table as it has 150o angle of recline which can be adjusted by the user.
  • Apart from reading content crystal clear now get no horizontal astigmatism in eye contact with far site in your video meetings as now camera is in the centre of a single display as against two displays earlier.

Also, by pairing with AltraWorkDriverVCTM, get an amazing whiteboard & annotation experience in all your video & local meetings.

Electronic Whiteboard/Blackboard: Unleash your creativity on whiteboard or blackboard, which for the first time you get right in front of you.

Presentation Annotation: Every meeting participant can annotate on presentation being made locally or from far location in video meetings right from their seats.

Print, save and email all your whiteboard notes and presentation annotation notes on the fly!

Retrofitted: AltraTOUCHContentTM monitors are easy to be retrofitted in existing tables and no civil modifications are required.

Non-Obtrusive: For the first time, you get a content monitor with a low form factor of 150 degree that ensures that there is no obstruction caused and everybody can see everybody’s hands in local meeting as well as in video meeting.

AltraTOUCHContentTM 15.6 – The world’s most powerful, effective and elegant on-table content monitors for empowering all participants to see crystal-clear content along with presentation annotation & whiteboard explanation.

AltraTOUCHContentTM 15.6 M – It is one of its kind, motorized & touch, table-top, reclined presentation display that not only enables all participants to view crystal-clear content, but also empowers all participants to creatively annotate and explain on the presentation being made locally or from far locations in video meetings.

AltraTOUCHContentTM 15.6 TKU – The world’s most powerful, effective and elegant, on-table, boxed content display monitor along with keyboard and mouse, for very convenient and effective computer-based training. When not in use, the box can be closed for clear and clutter-free, on-table work.

Display Type LCD
Display Panel Diagonal Size(Mm) 15.6″
Backlight Technology LED
Display Resolution(Pixels) 1920*1080
Display Brightness(Nits) 250
Display Aspect Ratio 16:09
Touch Interface Touch Sensitive
Touch Technology Capacitive
Number Of Touch Points(Nos.) 10
Number Of Input HDMI Ports(Nos.) 1
Number Of USB 2.0 Ports(Nos.) 0
Number Of USB 3.0 Ports(Nos.) 2
Number Of Audio Input Ports(Nos.) 0
Number Of Audio Output Ports(Nos.) 0
Number Of RS-232 C Ports(Nos.) 0
Number Of RJ 45 Ports(Nos.) 0
Number Of VGA-IN Ports(Nos.) 0
Number Of VGA-OUT Ports(Nos.) 0
Provision Of In Built Speakers No
Power Supply In AC(Volts) 100-240
Power Consumption(Watts) <30W
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Content Monitors with extendable whiteboard

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