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Setting my Video Conference Room at a new place always made me feel sick The confession of a CEO

As an entrepreneur I always know – change is inevitable. May it be in the form of change of office place or change of city, certain decisions need to be taken at last minute specific for the growth of your enterprise?
Every change happens for good but it disrupts routine work to some extent. In this ultra-fast competitive world every single day matters and productivity is measured on daily basis.

Whenever some change occurred few nagging questions always bothered me:
Ø How much time will it take to set my video conference room?
Ø How will I interact with my team?
Ø How about my client’s meetings?
Ø Will I miss my important deadlines?

My fears related to change of my environment led me to think in a total new direction. I started envisaging a video conferencing room which is handy and can be set anywhere without any room preparations and without the assistance of admin and IT department.

My mind kept on pondering till I came with a brand new innovative concept and substitute of “anytime anywhere video conference room” and finally it got materialized in the form of our “Immersive Collaboration In –A Box” solutions.

It was never possible before to have a substitute of Video Conference Room in a box, which can give face to face experience and ultra-immersive experience anywhere any time in video meetings with Crystal clear video and audio quality.

Easy to assemble, dissemble and easy to carry, these solutions come handy in a box and provide all the necessary solutions needed for Immersive Video meetings and Ultra Immersive video collaborations

We being already in the business of Immersive Video Collaboration Solutions have set up many rooms which give face to face experience of video meetings. Using the technology of DynamicTeleAll Presence all the rooms are equipped with multiple screens and all video interactions give life size images with crystal clear video and audio quality, however some assistance is needed to assemble and dissemble these rooms..

This solution has taken my worries to a large extent as I do not have the fear of losing my important clients and missing my deadlines. Anytime anywhere my video conference room is ready to travel with me.

Now you can carry your conference rooms anywhere when you shift without any special arrangement and without any special assistance. Carrying your conference room with you was never so easy!!


Thinking out of the box gave us a new perspective Bringing a white board in front of your seat is a baby step towards making all your Video Meetings Successful

It was during my visit to the local presentations when I saw people in the meetings were struggling to see the whiteboard notes and content of board. This problem was faced more by people, sitting in the back row.

Normal range of seeing a whiteboard clearly is up to 12 feet, beyond that content is not clearly visible to the people sitting behind.
In the absence of clarity of vision and small text on the board, participants of meeting were unable to take home what was discussed in the meeting.

Same problem I observed in training programs of an organization or teaching institutes where students of back rows were unable to gather the exact content taught in the classrooms.

That was the time when suddenly an idea crossed my mind – if this whiteboard would have been placed in front of all the participants it would have been easier for them to see the whiteboard notes clearly. This out of the box idea slowly took the shape of our AltraTouchContent monitors.

In depth in house research went on and finally we were successful in developing an on–table collaboration solution which could work both as a whiteboard as well as blackboard and have the capability of annotation on presentations.

We did enough experimentations in our local meetings as well as in our far site video meetings before launching the product to the market.

It suited all kinds of local meetings as well as far site video meetings with its wonderful capabilities to work both as whiteboard as well as blackboard and did well for teaching / trainings institutes where students have the need, not only to see the content clearly but also to get the progress of whiteboard notes.

We started working on the same presentation and found our work more productive with its annotation capabilities. Now it was easier for all the participants to work on the same presentation, annotate on it with the option of multiple colors pens and save the notes.

It was easier for us to save the progress of whiteboard notes now, we could save, email, print whiteboard notes on the fly just with a press of button and best part is whenever we do not need them, and they could go inside the table with a press of button keeping the tables clutter free.

A novel concept was borne just by thinking out of the box!!

I am quite hopeful – this concept will be quite useful for organizations as well as Training/ Teaching institutes and meetings and trainings will be more productive.


Great Ideas have humble beginning!! How our concept of cabin solution of Immersive video collaboration was borne

An insight

Sitting in my cabin I recollected an important review which was due for a long time.  All our important video meetings are organized in our conference room which has world class facilities but however that day I was reluctant to go to the conference room and yearned for a mini conference room in my own cabin.

Already in the business of immersive video collaboration solutions, our conference room is well equipped with big screens, ultra lighting fixtures & audio solutions. Using telepresence technology it gives the experience of face to face meeting with life size images, crystal clear video & audio quality.

In that scenario going for an audio teleconference was not a palatable idea at all but my personal need to interact with my team from my own cabin without going to conference room gave birth to a new concept, an idea which has changed the way how the senior management should collaborate with their teams.

The idea started germinating slowly and we started working on this. Soon with little bit of more research and planning finally we were successful in creating a handy solution to suit the requirements of the cabin and soon a new solution was added further in the line of our products & solutions.

Most of the great ideas have very humble beginning and this adage aptly suits our cabin solution which we have specially invented for the cabins of CEO/ CXO / Chairman who just want to interact with their teams across the nation from the comfort of their own cabin. My own need to have a comfortable video interaction from the comfort of my own cabin was a motivating force for the development of this concept from inception to production.

The designing of the solution has been done in such a way that it comes in a box and can be installed anywhere within few hours without any room preparation and without any conduiting of wires.Using DynamicTeleAll Presence technology, the solution is best for seeing all the teams on multiple screens at all times from multiple locations while seeing the current speaker life size.

The solution is ready to hit the market and provides all features needed to have world class conference room facilities in a cabin. This is one of its own kind solutions Business Octane has developed and I believe most of the senior management will find this solution quite user friendly with its world class facility.

Now the senior management can interact with their team members individually or in a group, from one location or multiple locations according to their convenience.

Now there will be no need of making special preparations to go the conference room and take the help of an IT person. Just a press of button and your new solution is ready for Video Collaboration across the nation & world.

On top of that, its crystal clear video & audio quality will be reminiscent of face to face meeting experience and you will feel as if the participants of the other side are present in the same room.


Are you having sleepless nights due to delayed implementations of your projects

(Switch to Immersive Video Collaboration for A seamless experience)


The major concerns in front of a project officer during implementation of a new project are as:

  1. How to accelerate project Implementation?
  2. How to track the progress of the projects?
  3. How to do regular monitoring of the projects in an effective manner?

Many organizations have multiple new projects running simultaneously across different locations basis on the need of the organization and nature of the project.

Success of every new project is based on, how frequently head of the project along with other senior officers is able to execute & Implement it and then later on review & monitor the progress of the projects with its nationwide teams & on-site project officials.

Most of the projects get delayed due to communication gaps resulting in huge loss of money and resources. Even if they are executed in time, most of them lose their effectiveness in the absence of adequate monitoring & tracking.

Are the delayed implementation of your projects, giving you sleepless nights, feeling of inadequacy and making you feel hamstrung?

Major challenges impacting successful execution & implementation of projects:

  1. Key offices & project areas are typically spread across the country making it difficult for Heads & other senior officers to travel to these locations.
  2. Most of the senior officers are travelling from other locations to HO location and vice versa because best discussions are conducted face to face only.
  3. Due to time and travelling constraints coupled with schedule disruptions, face to face meetings cannot be done very frequently.
  4. These projects suffer time and cost overruns and due to delayed implementations, the main objective of these projects is lost.
  5. Many have already tried Video conferencing methods but found them ineffective on account of whole lot of struggles faced involved in video conferencing meetings.

If you are continuously struggling to accelerate the speed of execution & implementations of your various nationwide projects despite your best efforts – Then it is the right time to switch to Immersive Video Collaborations.

Business octane is world’s ultra- super specialist in the field of immersive video collaboration and    with in-house research of almost 10  years has pioneered  a whole set of new paradigms of  business Interactions  over video, which are 5 to 20 times more effective than ordinary video teleconferences and  replicate face to face experience.

These solutions can empower your senior project officers to review, strategize and guide not just one another but all their office  locations  with0ut most ease and without any loss of effectiveness. Their major concern, to conduct project reviews frequently with nationwide project teams & project site officers can be sorted out to a large extent.

Tracking & Progress of the project at multiple locations on demand can also be organized with an effectiveness without making them frequently travelling to head office or major key locations.

So say goodbye to your sleepless nights, making it possible for you, for the first time to accelerate the speed of implementation & monitoring of your projects without compromising on their effectiveness, enabling you to have faster execution of your projects without losing its prime objective.


Meet your ceo in your cabin a life size experience never felt before

Had  your ever thought of that  you can experience a life size experience with  your CEO, head of the organization or an  authority figure in your own cabin in the vicinity of your own office which is thousands miles away from the corporate office.

It is made possible with Immersive Video Collaboration Systems using the cutting edge technology of telepresence which offer an amazing experience with its life size images, crystal clear video and audio quality never ever experienced before in a traditional video conferencing system.

In last few decades the world has changed very fast and most of the organizations are preferring video meetings instead of travelling. However video meetings need to be smooth and hassle free. The introduction of telepresence technology has almost revolutionized the world and boosted the business worldwide. Most of the corporate are relying more and more on Immersive Video collaboration systems for hassle free interaction with their teams, head of the organization and CEO.

Immersive Video Collaboration systems using telepresence technology  are highly integrated set of Codecs, Monitors, Cameras, Speakers and Microphones and have helped thousands of people to interact better with the key figures of their organization by replicating face to face experience resulting in quick learning and maximizing  their growth potential by taking quick decisions and meeting important deadlines.

Now meet your CEO/ Chairman in your cabin and take the guidance as – “What a CEO can do nobody else can do”. The experience of Immersive Collaboration is better than face to face experience.

Amazingly easy to use, the technology has removed all the barriers of time and distance and problems faced during traditional video conferencing and is setting new trends in the field of video collaboration, making all the business meetings productive and giving the organization an edge over their competitors.

Business Octane is world’s Ultra -super specialist in the domain of Immersive Video Collaboration and Immersive Video Collaborative Learning with one of its kind solutions originating from in house research and development over the last 10 years.  Under the guidance of Sanjay Bansal, Business Octane has pioneered  a whole  set of  new paradigms of  business Interactions  over video which are not only 5 to 20 times more effective than traditional  video conferencing system but also  replicate face to face experience.

These paradigms vary from Board Room Meeting solutions to Conference hall solutions, Training Solutions and Town Hall Event Solutions. “Immersive collaboration in – a –box” are also designed for Individual rooms, huddle rooms & small conference rooms.  They are amazingly easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble and easy to carry anywhere in the world.

Don’t wait any longer now and switch to Immersive Video Collaboration and take guidance from your CEO fast. 

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Launch Products

How to launch your products faster than your competitors?

Immersive Video meetings can help you meet your deadlines in time

In the fast changing competitive world, every organization is more focused on faster execution of their product launch in comparison to their competitors, get competitive edge and more market share.

Bringing all major officials together on one platform on same day is not only a difficult task but also in the process important deadlines are missed and  product is launched way beyond what had been planned in the nascent stages.

Product launch is an expensive affair and separate product launches cannot be planned. By the time it is launched, it is too late in comparison to the competitor resulting in losing important customers and deals.

Are you facing these major challenges while planning your new product launch?

  • Multiple key offices across the nation and world
  • Bringing all important officials from major locations to one place
  • Travelling causes work disruption and missing important business deadlines.
  • Frequent product launches involve huge expenses

Now keep your worries at the back burner as Town Halls Solutions &Immersive Video Collaboration can take care of all your needs related to product launch.  Bring all the key figures together on the same day and same date without disrupting their work and make all the important events successful.

Business Octane is world’s Ultra- super specialist in the domain of Immersive Video Collaboration and Immersive Video Collaborative Learning with one of its kind solutions originating from in house research and development over the last 10 years. Business Octane has pioneered  a whole  set of  new paradigms of  business Interactions  over video which are 5 to 20 times more effective than traditional  video conferencing system and replicate face to face experience. These paradigms are :

Amazingly easy to use 

  • Highly Aesthetic
  • Completely flexible
  • Upgradable & scalable

These solutions will empower you to launch your products in time bringing all major officials at the event from the convenience of their own locations and will also act as a catalyst to increase the productivity of your organization by reducing traveling time of your senior officials for major events & launches.

Now there are no travelling hassles, no disruption of work schedule and no more fear of losing important deadlines. Town hall solutions will give you the comfort to organize an event or product launch from your corporate office, involving all other attendees and officials from major locations.

Faster speed of product launches will definitely give you a competitive edge on your competitors!! So why wait now, Switch to Immersive Video meetings & Collaboration &Ultra –immersive Town hall solutions. 


Contributed By – Kavita


Altratouchcontent monitor

How to get everybody on the same page in your local meetings as well as far site video meetings?  

Do you feel that all the participants in your meetings are unable to see the content clearly from the whiteboard or Black-board due to distance from their seat?

Do you feel that during your video conferencing meetings, it is difficult to share and view the content?

Do you feel that in your review meetings all the participants are unable to see the excel sheet clearly and your reviews & sales analysis are getting ineffective in the absence of clarity?

Do you feel that all the participants of your meetings should annotate on the same presentation to make it more productive?

Do you feel that all your whiteboards explanations and progress should be saved, printed or emailed instantly?

Sort out all these problems and get everybody on the same page & same excel cell with AltraTouchContent Monitors which are Ideal for showing content in both video as well as local presentations.

Enabling everyone to read the meeting content crystal clear, instant presentation annotation, opening a whiteboard in front of your seat so that all the participants can simultaneously work upon the same presentation, easy print and email are the new unique capabilities of AltraTouchContent monitor from Business Octane.

This unique game changer from Business Octane will help make all your Local & Video meetings successful and business reviews efficient. Do all your sale analysis accurately by working on the same excel cell of your sheets.

Few of the important features of AltraTouchContent are as:

  1. AltraTouchContent 6 is a vertically retractable 1080p true high definition touch monitor that can be fitted in front of your seats in meeting, conference room tables and training rooms.
  2. Non obtrusive, low form factor with 150 degree angle recline & adjustable individually.
  3. Can be easily retrofitted from top on any conference table with modesty panels.
  4. One content monitor is ideally shared by 2 people. Can also be used by 3 people.
  5. Pair it with Business Octane’s AltraWORKDriverVCTM, and get an amazing capability of whiteboard & annotation. .All annotations can be saved, emailed & printed.
  6. Get an array of multiple color pens as against typical black color!!
  7. Multiple people can write on the same content & screen.
  8. Can be fitted easily anywhere, best suitable for your huddle rooms, boardroom rooms, and conference rooms and training/ class rooms, can be retrofitted with utmost ease.
  9. They can easily go inside your desks just at the press of a button, keeping your desks & tables clutter free. A spectacle to see!!

Business Octane is world’s Ultra- super specialist in the domain of Immersive Video Collaboration and Immersive Video Collaborative Learning with one of its kind solutions originating from in house research and development over the last 10 years. Business Octane has pioneered  a whole  set of  new paradigms of  business Interactions  over video which are not only 5 to 20 times more effective than traditional  video conferencing system for replicating the experience of face to face group reviews.

So now what are you waiting for – get all your team members on the same page & same whiteboard by making them work together on the same presentation and make it more productive.


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9 challenges impacting

9 Challenges impacting the productivity of your sales teams – are you looking for ways to rev up your sales targets – Think out of the box!!!

Are these major concerns bothering you as Head-Sales?

  • Productivity of your sales team
  • Inability to achieve desired sale targets
  • Inadequate Revenue
  • Inability to interact with your teams on regular basis
  • Inability to retain your best team members

The whole dynamics of an organization is dependent on the productivity of the sales team, resulting in better sale of products, revenue and growth of the organization.

Sales and business objectives of an organization are directly proportional to, how frequently and how effectively your senior sales & marketing leadership teams are able to review, guide and strategize with enterprise wide sales teams spread across the nation/ world without causing any work disruptions.

Despite having video conferencing facilities nationwide /worldwide, sales leadership and other teams are still travelling frequently for sales reviews, business discussions, new product & sales trainings

It takes a lot out of their personal productivity as well as missing important deadlines resulting in poor sale targets &revenues.


9 Major challenges impacting the productivity of the sales Team:

  • Sales team takes more than 3 months to understand a product after its launch.
  • USP’s differentiation from the competition and incorporating new features in selling agenda.
  • Regular realigning of sales teams with new strategy and tactics.
  • Effective sales reviews, which are essential for higher sales productivity.
  • Intra team competition and to learn from the reviews of others
  • Getting all sales team members on same page & retaining good members
  • Sales trainings which happen in fits and bursts & lack of availability of good trainers
  • Product trainings are not frequent, finally reflected in low sales numbers & lost opportunities.
  • Training partner eco system and interaction with remote sales people is another big challenge.


It is the high time to think out of the box!!  Act quickly and stay ahead of your competitors!!
Immersive Video Collaboration & meeting solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition and overcome all the above mentioned major concerns.

Multi location immersive video group reviews as effective as face to face group reviews and town halls for your enterprise wide sales teams can help you to have more sales targets.

These solutions will also empower your sales teams with latest updates and act as a catalyst to significantly increase the sale of your teams, increase revenue generation as well as growth of your organization.

They will also empower you and your senior sales teams to have frequent interaction with your sales teams and having effective long term & short term product and sales trainings more frequently without any work disruptions.

Business Octane is a super specialist in the domain of Immersive Video Collaboration & Immersive Video Collaborative Learning and it  has pioneered   a whole  set of  new paradigms of  business Interactions  over video which are not only 5 to 20 times more effective than ordinary video teleconferences for replicating  face to face group reviews but also amazingly easy to use. These solutions have originated from in- house research and development of last 10 years and can help you staying ahead of your competitors and getting more market share.

So don’t wait longer now – Switch to Immersive Video Collaborations and enjoy the high productivity of your sales Teams.  


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Is your institute feeling hamstrung on account of shortage of high quality teachers

Three burning questions – bothering the Educational Heads of any Institute:
How to sort out the problem of senior faculty members?
How to Increase the student Enrolment?
How to attract working professionals?

Massive shortage of senior faculty members in all the prestigious higher educational institutes be they pertain to engineering or medical or management or law or arts or biotechnology is currently the biggest stumbling block to take education standards to the next level and maintain the same which directly impacts the quantum and quality of student enrolment.

The shortage of senior faculty members is not going to improve but is going to become further worse in future times in our country.

Also there is a huge potential for higher education for working professionals which no higher educational institute has been able to tap on a large scale on account of technology limitations and having  learning experience from  the comfort of their own home after work time.

Major Challenges in front of Heads of Education Institutes:

  1. Many students & Insufficient Senior Faculty Members – Many have already tried video conferencing system to educate multiple location students by a single senior faculty member but this option is highly ineffective.
  2. The enrolment of working students for regular classes is a big challenges. Even E -class software and satellite transmissions are not effective in the absence of proper classroom environment & monitoring. Students enrolment in such programmers is either stagnant or falling down.
  3. Retention by students – Students cannot retain 100% of classroom teaching. Most of top education institutes record and archive their lectures and can be accessed by students. However multiple challenges are involved in recording the content and need of full time operator is needed making it expensive and time consuming. Still recording is not possible for student’s questions.

Then what is the cure – A major concern looming over heads of Educational Institutes

Business Octane’s unprecedented new paradigms of Immersive collaborative teaching and learning can help you get over the problem of shortage of senior faculty members and other allied problems related to teaching & Training. These paradigms will empower one faculty member to conduct simultaneous teaching for 48 students from 7 classrooms at multiple locations without compromising on the effectiveness of education. Complete classroom learning experience can be felt by 340 people with 48 working students per class from 7 locations who join the class from the comfort of their own city while being fully visible to the educator throughout. This experience is even better than face –to –face teaching class. The trainer can recognize all the students with their name plates without seeing their backs and tracker camera highlights the student as well as trainer with life-size image while speaking.

It can also help an institute to attain and maintain high education standard by increasing student enrolment and helping working professionals.

Along with these new paradigms, training recording with synchronized content, presentation and audio solutions for lecture rooms & auditoriums, hands free audio telephony and Teleconferencing solutions for senior education administrators complete the solution set for higher educational institutes.

Business Octane is  ultra-super specialist in the domain of Immersive Video Collaborative learning and immersive video collaboration and has pioneered world’s two new revolutionary paradigms of   immersive video collaborative learning with one of its kind solutions originating from in house research and development over last 10 years.

To have a better feel of these solutions one can visit to Business Octane’s Executive Experience Centers at 7 major locations (Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Calcutta) & direct India wide Pre-sales and Post-sales Support is being provided by dedicated teams whose technical expertise is unmatched in the industry.

So forget your worries about faculty teachers and adapt new solutions & new way of thinking.

Switch to Immersive Collaborative Teaching & Learning Solutions from Business Octane  – A cure for all your problems.

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How to dramatically empower your ceo to take the organization to new heights

(Immersive Video Collaboration Solution can empower your Senior Management)

 Have you ever thought that if you empower your CEO to have more frequent interactions with enterprise wide posted teams and enable him to have frequent reviews, while reducing his travel time, he can take your organization to the heights, never ever thought before?

In this ultra-competitive fast changing business world, Chairman / CEO or CXO of an organization has to invest more time in work than any of his office employees.  

 Fast is the buzzword of current business times for any business to survive, prosper and grow and fast decision needs to be taken by a top –notch head. A Chairman / CEO or CXO of an organization needs to be FAST to achieve these 4 biggest fundamental competitive advantages over their competitors:

Fast decisions yet with reduced risk,

Fast employee realignment with new management strategies,

Fast speed of execution

Faster speed to market than competitors

Travelling has become the necessity to achieve all these four fundamental objectives and senior executives are investing perhaps one third to half of their time in business travel. It takes a lot from the personal productivity and acts as a big hindrance to make a bigger difference to the success of the organization. Time is money!! Time should be saved on travelling and invested in work!!

 In spite of having video conferencing facilities installed, purpose of Video Collaboration & meetings is not achieved as it does not meet their basic expectations, resulting in huge investment of time and money in travel, and making the reviews ineffective.

Effective reviews await either business travel or they are just not done frequently. This ultimately reflects finally in the key financials of the organization as a lost opportunity. It is seen, whatever gets reviewed face to face frequently gets done!

 With cut throat future competition, no organization can take their past success for granted and there is always a need to update new strategies. Every single day matters in this fast changing Ultra-Competitive world!!

 Faster speed with the help of Immersive video meetings & collaboration can give you a competitive edge on your competitor. Multiple locations immersive group video reviews as effective as face to face group reviews & town hall events have become the dire need for every organization. A CEO and other senior management can interact and address directly with most of the employees with the help of Immersive Video Collaboration and motivate them resulting in better productivity of employees.  Because what a CEO can do, nobody else can do that!!

Business Octane’s new paradigms of Immersive Collaboration & Collaborator Learning solutions (EUCLAS)” can empower your Chairman /CEO/ CXO dramatically and he can keep the entire organization galvanized by taking faster decisions, leaving no scope for communication gap.

Business Octane is Ultra specialist  in the domain of  Immersive Video Collaboration and Immersive Video Collaborative Learning with one of its kind solutions originating from in house research and development over the last 10 years.

Business Octane has pioneered   a whole  set of  new paradigms of  business Interactions  over video which are not only 5 to 20 times more effective than ordinary video teleconferences for replicating the experience of face to face group reviews but also –

  • Amazingly easy to use
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Completely flexible
  • Upgradable & scalable

Your Chairman/CEO can now invest more time in work than travel and make a bigger difference to your organization with faster employee realignment to new strategies, faster execution, and faster speed. Frequent face to face video experience will enable him to have frequent interaction and review his employees on regular basis and guide them in the right direction at the right time.

Business Octane’s unprecedentedly effective new paradigms of Immersive Video Collaborations can act as a catalyst for increasing the productivity of your organization by helping your Chairman/ CEO/CXO to cut the travel time and significantly contribute to the success of the organization.

So why wait now, Switch to the new way of thinking and Immersive Video meetings & Collaboration & Collaborative learning.

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