Key Collaboration concerns of various enterprise

In these fast changing ultra competitive business times for any business to survive, prosper and grow,  fast decision making yet with reduced risk, fast employee realignment with new management strategies, fast speed of execution and faster speed to market than competitors are becoming the four biggest fundamental competitive advantages for any business !

The extent of risk in their decision making ,the speed of employee realignment ,the speed of execution and the speed to market are all directly proportional to how frequently and how effectively your CMD ,CEO ,CFO, National Sales Head , National projects Head and the other members of your senior leadership team are able to review , guide and strategize with your enterprise wide teams spread across the nation or the world without causing work disruptions. What ever gets reviewed face to face frequently, gets done!

But you would have noticed that even in spite of having video conferencing facility in all your locations, Intra office travel for conducting business, project and expense reviews takes a lot out of your senior executives personal productivity and quality of life which acts as a big hindrance for them to make even a bigger difference to the success of the organization.

This travelling becomes necessary for all the senior executives in spite of having video conferencing facilities because the experience of it just does not meet their basic expectations and this poor frustrating experience makes their reviews ineffective.

Consequently as effective reviews await business travel they either require senior executives to invest perhaps one third to half of their time in business travel or they are just not done frequently. This ultimately reflects finally in the key financials of the organization as a lost opportunity.

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Sales Head
  • Company Secretary
  • New Facility Project Head
  • National Project Head

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