9 challenges impacting

9 challenges impacting

9 Challenges impacting the productivity of your sales teams – are you looking for ways to rev up your sales targets – Think out of the box!!!

Are these major concerns bothering you as Head-Sales?

  • Productivity of your sales team
  • Inability to achieve desired sale targets
  • Inadequate Revenue
  • Inability to interact with your teams on regular basis
  • Inability to retain your best team members

The whole dynamics of an organization is dependent on the productivity of the sales team, resulting in better sale of products, revenue and growth of the organization.

Sales and business objectives of an organization are directly proportional to, how frequently and how effectively your senior sales & marketing leadership teams are able to review, guide and strategize with enterprise wide sales teams spread across the nation/ world without causing any work disruptions.

Despite having video conferencing facilities nationwide /worldwide, sales leadership and other teams are still travelling frequently for sales reviews, business discussions, new product & sales trainings

It takes a lot out of their personal productivity as well as missing important deadlines resulting in poor sale targets &revenues.


9 Major challenges impacting the productivity of the sales Team:

  • Sales team takes more than 3 months to understand a product after its launch.
  • USP’s differentiation from the competition and incorporating new features in selling agenda.
  • Regular realigning of sales teams with new strategy and tactics.
  • Effective sales reviews, which are essential for higher sales productivity.
  • Intra team competition and to learn from the reviews of others
  • Getting all sales team members on same page & retaining good members
  • Sales trainings which happen in fits and bursts & lack of availability of good trainers
  • Product trainings are not frequent, finally reflected in low sales numbers & lost opportunities.
  • Training partner eco system and interaction with remote sales people is another big challenge.


It is the high time to think out of the box!!  Act quickly and stay ahead of your competitors!!
Immersive Video Collaboration & meeting solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition and overcome all the above mentioned major concerns.

Multi location immersive video group reviews as effective as face to face group reviews and town halls for your enterprise wide sales teams can help you to have more sales targets.

These solutions will also empower your sales teams with latest updates and act as a catalyst to significantly increase the sale of your teams, increase revenue generation as well as growth of your organization.

They will also empower you and your senior sales teams to have frequent interaction with your sales teams and having effective long term & short term product and sales trainings more frequently without any work disruptions.

Business Octane is a super specialist in the domain of Immersive Video Collaboration & Immersive Video Collaborative Learning and it  has pioneered   a whole  set of  new paradigms of  business Interactions  over video which are not only 5 to 20 times more effective than ordinary video teleconferences for replicating  face to face group reviews but also amazingly easy to use. These solutions have originated from in- house research and development of last 10 years and can help you staying ahead of your competitors and getting more market share.

So don’t wait longer now – Switch to Immersive Video Collaborations and enjoy the high productivity of your sales Teams.  


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