Why Multipoint Desktop Tablet Video Collaboration is the New Multipoint Audio Teleconferencing?

Organizations’ need to be empower their senior management to collaborate with their multiple organizational over video right from the work desk as against ordinary teleconferencing which is very less effective as compared to video collaboration or face to face meetings (as per Dr. Albert Mehrabian “7%-38%-55% rule”, 7% of communication comes from spoken words, 38% from the tone of the voice and 55% from body language. Hence audio teleconferences leave a lot to be desired).

Empower your organizational teams with multi-party high quality video and content enabled conferencing capability right from their desktop instead of the just multi party Audio conferencing capability on account of following problems in a very cost effective manner to conduct seamless and fully secured multipoint desktop video meetings with our team members and even customers, partners and suppliers over public internet to take decisions faster. Empower sales and project heads conduct sales and project reviews with our on the go sales and project teams on demand in a hassle free manner.

Your chosen employees can have hassle free, cost effective, high quality multiple location video meetings on demand right from their desk.

Conduct seamless & fully secure video meetings with customers, partners & suppliers over public internet and even with your own employees who are travelling and away from office on demand any time.

Visual Collaboration becomes an integral part of your organization’s unified communication and collaboration strategy, leading to dramatic increase in speed of execution and speed to market!

User driven multiple locations high quality video sessions without IT help becomes a reality for accelerating your business, which was never possible before!

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