Setting my Video Conference Room at a new place always made me feel sick The confession of a CEO

Setting my Video Conference Room at a new place always made me feel sick The confession of a CEO

As an entrepreneur I always know – change is inevitable. May it be in the form of change of office place or change of city, certain decisions need to be taken at last minute specific for the growth of your enterprise?
Every change happens for good but it disrupts routine work to some extent. In this ultra-fast competitive world every single day matters and productivity is measured on daily basis.

Whenever some change occurred few nagging questions always bothered me:
Ø How much time will it take to set my video conference room?
Ø How will I interact with my team?
Ø How about my client’s meetings?
Ø Will I miss my important deadlines?

My fears related to change of my environment led me to think in a total new direction. I started envisaging a video conferencing room which is handy and can be set anywhere without any room preparations and without the assistance of admin and IT department.

My mind kept on pondering till I came with a brand new innovative concept and substitute of “anytime anywhere video conference room” and finally it got materialized in the form of our “Immersive Collaboration In –A Box” solutions.

It was never possible before to have a substitute of Video Conference Room in a box, which can give face to face experience and ultra-immersive experience anywhere any time in video meetings with Crystal clear video and audio quality.

Easy to assemble, dissemble and easy to carry, these solutions come handy in a box and provide all the necessary solutions needed for Immersive Video meetings and Ultra Immersive video collaborations

We being already in the business of Immersive Video Collaboration Solutions have set up many rooms which give face to face experience of video meetings. Using the technology of DynamicTeleAll Presence all the rooms are equipped with multiple screens and all video interactions give life size images with crystal clear video and audio quality, however some assistance is needed to assemble and dissemble these rooms..

This solution has taken my worries to a large extent as I do not have the fear of losing my important clients and missing my deadlines. Anytime anywhere my video conference room is ready to travel with me.

Now you can carry your conference rooms anywhere when you shift without any special arrangement and without any special assistance. Carrying your conference room with you was never so easy!!

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