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Key collaboration concerns of the Sales Head that our solutions address

1) It takes on an average more than 3 months after a launch of new product for the complete sales team to be fully aware about it. We also have to do the exercise of disseminating information and training on new products nationwide one by one which is repetitive and time consuming. Knowing from the sales team what is happening at the ground regularly and also regular realigning them with our new strategy and tactics is also a big challenge and requires lot of frequent and extensive travelling on my part. So how to conduct sales town halls more effectively and more frequently on demand so as to get every member of the sales team on the same page immediately about the new products, USP’s, differentiation from the competition etc. and get them to incorporate the same in their selling immediately?

2) Effective sales reviews are so essential for higher sales productivity. What gets measured face to face gets done! The quality of reviews that we are able to get on video conferencing is not up to the mark at all. On a lot of occasions to increase the feeling of intra team competition and to learn from the reviews of others I also want to conduct reviews of multiple locations at the same time instead of doing one by one which is not possible now unless I make every one travel to HO. So how to conduct the sales reviews with the countrywide sales team together at one single time more effectively and more frequently which was possible never ever before to increase the sales target achievement without making their sales people travel to the HO location?

How can Business Octane help the Sales Head?

Business Octane can help by empowering your organization with unprecedentedly effective new paradigms of immersive video reviews and immersive video collaborative learning for you and your enterprise wide sales team and can help you rev up your sales in a higher gear by empowering you to conduct sales reviews, product and sales trainings more frequently and more effectively without causing any work disruptions on account of travel.

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