Cloud Video, Audio & Web Conferencing Services

Why work separately in silos from desk & from conference rooms with insiders and outsiders, when world’s most effective and most amazingly integrated cloud services for video, audio and web conferencing for your employees, customers, partners and suppliers is available?

Web, Mobile and Desktop App

Web, Mobile and Desktop App
No more juggling apps to stay connected Lifesize is a single app built for all of the devices your team loves to use – PC, Mac, Android, OS or right from your Google ChromeTM or Internet ExplorerTM 11 browser.

Play Conference room

Plug and Play Conference room systems with standard based interoperability
The conference room is still the heart of most meetings. Connect from any conference room into any cloud MCU meeting directly or by connecting from a PC either by Adhoc dialing or by joining into a VMR. Add existing codecs of Polycom/ Cisco/ Huawei/ Avaya.

50 party

50 party MCU for every host license
Every host can connect up to 50 video conference rooms/desktop participants/cellphone participants in a single call with 13 party voice activated continuous presence. So if you have 1000 hosts imagine the possibilities!

kind flexible video

One of its kind flexible video and content sizing for best of people and content together
For any desktop participant, increase and decrease the size of people and content in infinite adjustments to optimize what you want to see right now.


See the presence of all hosts and conference rooms for instant connection
Search Based Directory allows you to just click on a name to start a call – no hold music, no waiting for moderators, no dial strings. It is as easy as making a call can be. Keep dialing further or ask people in the call to dial others for a complete adhoc meeting.


Amazing virtual meeting capability
Either dial out or ask everyone to join in a VMR. Every key employee can be given their individual VMR which they can moderate for meeting, inviting from the VMR and with a couple of clicks stream the conference. Alternatively, VMRs can be department based with a specific individual given the moderator capability. VMRs are also published in Skype-for-Business directory individually.


Never before business quality video with outsiders as good as insiders
Talk to any customer or supplier or partner in a way never possible before business quality video along with content sharing first time. All outsiders are sent an email invite with an auto link which allows them to join meeting from their browser.


Unlimited Guest Invites
Connect with anyone inside or outside of your organization with our seamless guest appearance –no downloads or plugins required and guests can join right from their browser.


Integrate Skype for Business on employee PCs with all your video conference rooms
Get a full 2 way content send and receive in a mix calls of Skype for Business participants as well as room based video meeting participants. Skype-for-Business users can see the addresses of VMRs as well as hosts in their dial directory.


Schedule and Calendar Integrations
Set recurring meetings and easily send guests invites right from the mail and calendar apps you use every day. You can even see a list of upcoming meetings right from your conference systems.


Streaming and Recording

Set recurring meetings and easily send guests invites right from the mail and calendar apps you use every day. You can even see a list of upcoming meetings right from your conference systems.


Audio Conferencing
Trade in your old audio only solution for a more modern collaboration solution to cover video, web and audio conferencing with local dial-in numbers in over 60 countries. No need for expensive audio bridging service. Save lakhs per month in audio bridging services. VMR moderator can selectively mute the participants too.


Amazing Continuous Presence in SfB calls

See 1+13 party continuous presence view in Skype for Business meeting as against 6 party suboptimal gallery view that you get when you use the internal MCU of Skype for Business


Amazing Continuous Presence in mixed calls

Also, see 1+13 party continuous presence view in a mix call of Skype for Business participants as well as room based video conferencing participants which was never ever possible before.


See 1+7 party continuous presence view

wrapped around the content in a way never done before in Skype for Business meeting while content is being shared as against single voice activated speaker visible with the Skype for Business participants if they had joined from Skype for Business internal MCU.


Screen Sharing

Instantly transform your video call into web conferencing by sharing your screen or presentation. That way you can collaborate on a document in addition to communicating face-to-face. No need to burn money on separate web conferencing services such as Webex and GoToMeeting!

“Connect your employees, clients and business partners with the power of video conferencing services”

Business Octane offers everything you need to get started with video communication today. With its extensive knowledge and experience, Business Octane facilitates you to deploy video conferencing services that connect your rooms, mobile devices and desktops to suit your business. We come with a gigantic range of conferencing solutions to take the stress-out of meetings and allow users to select when and how they exactly want to connect to their meetings.

Usage and applications of video conferencing system:

  • Recruitment process
  • Training programs
  • Big seminars, events and conference
  • Multi-location group discussions
  • CEO broadcasts, town halls, press conferences

No matter how big or small your business or company, now you can meet face to face in HD with anyone, anywhere with our premium quality Telepresence Video Conferencing System.

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