Chief Finance Officer

Key collaboration concerns of the CFO that our solutions address

1. Our key offices, manufacturing plants and support centers are typically spread across the country or the continentsSometimes it is in not very easy to travel to these locations too and requires us chartering planes/helicoptersSo a lot of senior executives time is spent on travelling for our management team members, from other locations to HO location and vice versa because best reviews are conducted face to face only . Due to time and travelling constraints coupled with schedule disruptions it causes, these face to face reviews cannot be done very frequentlyTo do them frequently we have already tried doing them over video conferencing but have found them not to be very effective on account of whole lot of experience struggles our executive teams have to endure in video teleconferences. So how to conduct the business, budget and expense reviews with the country/worldwide leadership teams more frequently without wasting precious management time and without compromising on the effectiveness of these reviews.

2. We spend a humungous amount of money on senior management travelling even now which have still not come down in spite of having video conferencing everywhere? So how to reduce these travelling costs of our senior management teams for improving our profitability?

3. To continuously grow we have multiple new projects running simultaneously across different locationsMore often than not all these projects suffer time and cost overruns impacting our budgeting and profitability. So how to track and accelerate project implementation more effectively in the organization as project cost and time overruns reduce our profitability significantly?

The one of its kind in the world cures available from Business Octane so that you and your CEO can have “very high quality multiple location immersive video group reviews” which are unprecedently as good as face-to-face reviews not only for just two locations but for all your key locations thereby making it possible for the first time to increase the frequency of these business reviews yet with drastic decrease in your senior executives travel which is happening across your enterprise. Helping you to accelerate project implementation, enable significant reduction in costs and increase in the profitability of your business.

How can Business Octane help the CFO?

Business Octane’s can help by empowering your organization with unprecedently effective new paradigms of immersive video reviews with organization wide management teams for you and your CEO, would act as a catalyst to significantly decrease costs and increase the profitability of your organization by empowering both you and other organization wide senior executives invest most of your absolutely priceless time that is currently spent in travelling in work, significantly derisk the decision making and conduct more frequent business , project ,budget and expense reviews.

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