Meet your ceo in your cabin a life size experience never felt before

Meet your ceo in your cabin a life size experience never felt before

Had  your ever thought of that  you can experience a life size experience with  your CEO, head of the organization or an  authority figure in your own cabin in the vicinity of your own office which is thousands miles away from the corporate office.

It is made possible with Immersive Video Collaboration Systems using the cutting edge technology of telepresence which offer an amazing experience with its life size images, crystal clear video and audio quality never ever experienced before in a traditional video conferencing system.

In last few decades the world has changed very fast and most of the organizations are preferring video meetings instead of travelling. However video meetings need to be smooth and hassle free. The introduction of telepresence technology has almost revolutionized the world and boosted the business worldwide. Most of the corporate are relying more and more on Immersive Video collaboration systems for hassle free interaction with their teams, head of the organization and CEO.

Immersive Video Collaboration systems using telepresence technology  are highly integrated set of Codecs, Monitors, Cameras, Speakers and Microphones and have helped thousands of people to interact better with the key figures of their organization by replicating face to face experience resulting in quick learning and maximizing  their growth potential by taking quick decisions and meeting important deadlines.

Now meet your CEO/ Chairman in your cabin and take the guidance as – “What a CEO can do nobody else can do”. The experience of Immersive Collaboration is better than face to face experience.

Amazingly easy to use, the technology has removed all the barriers of time and distance and problems faced during traditional video conferencing and is setting new trends in the field of video collaboration, making all the business meetings productive and giving the organization an edge over their competitors.

Business Octane is world’s Ultra -super specialist in the domain of Immersive Video Collaboration and Immersive Video Collaborative Learning with one of its kind solutions originating from in house research and development over the last 10 years.  Under the guidance of Sanjay Bansal, Business Octane has pioneered  a whole  set of  new paradigms of  business Interactions  over video which are not only 5 to 20 times more effective than traditional  video conferencing system but also  replicate face to face experience.

These paradigms vary from Board Room Meeting solutions to Conference hall solutions, Training Solutions and Town Hall Event Solutions. “Immersive collaboration in – a –box” are also designed for Individual rooms, huddle rooms & small conference rooms.  They are amazingly easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble and easy to carry anywhere in the world.

Don’t wait any longer now and switch to Immersive Video Collaboration and take guidance from your CEO fast. 

Contributed by – Kavita

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