Convert for the very first time your ordinary single content presentations into multi-content presentation share, compare and annotate in all your meeting rooms while having zero setup time and that too in an amazing easy to use manner, so that instead of just one alternative you can compare two or three alternatives for better understanding to take more effective decisions

  • Decision making is nothing but comparison of alternatives and eliminating options one by one! Do it more effectively than ever before by comparing two alternatives side-by-side.
  • You can show same content on either left or right display any time without using any touch panel from AltraTOUCHContentTM monitor provided.
  • Further you can annotate on the last shared content. If you want to annotate on other content, just share it and annotate.
  • Also get high quality cable management boxes that come with smallest footprint & embedded MajikSWITCHTM.
  • Universal power sockets and all enclosed cables keep you ready 24×7 for your global visitors!
Cable -Cillin - Presentation Cables box

Always available cables with universal power sockets and USB charging points for your hand-held devices keep the system 24×7 ready for making presentations.

MagicSwitch - Toggle between presentations

Connect and toggle among multiple sources/presentations just by pressing MajikSWITCHTM – no need of any touch panels.

Wireless Presentaions

Wireless Presentations from PC, Android and iOS devices along with wireless presentation annotation and whiteboard!

Variants EX Series AX Series
3X2 EX / 3X3 EX / 5X2 EX / 5X3 EX 4X2 AX / 4X3 AX / 6X2 AX / 6X3 AX / 8X2 AX / 8X3 AX
BOSPL CableCILLIN 3 Nos. / 3 Nos. / 5 Nos. / 5 Nos. 4 Nos. / 4 Nos. / 6 Nos. / 6 Nos. / 8 Nos. / 8 Nos.
Matrix switcher 8X8 / 8X8 / 8X8 / 8X8 4X4 / 4X4 / 8X8 / 8X8 / 8X8 / 8X8
Rack PC with annotation software Y N
Presentation share & compare Y Y
Wireless presentation Y N
Control processor Y Y
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User Manual
Additional Resources
Share & Compare 3 presentations - CollaboratorSTARMAX
Share & Compare 3 presentations - CollaboratorHYPERMAX

Compare YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW all together with MajikSWITCH TM

Cable -Cillin - Box for cables

Easy Connectivity and Cable Management

Annotate on your Touch content monitor

Presentation annotation and Whiteboard

MagicSwitch - Toggle between presentations

Cast/toggle between two sources/presentations simultaneously

MagicSwitch - Toggle between 3 presentations

Cast/toggle between three sources/presentations

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