Government Training

Key learning concerns of various government functionaries that our solutions address

The government’s success depends upon how well continuously trained the senior officials are. But a shortage of good trainers coupled with a wide geographical spread of our teams means training cannot be done regularly on account of huge travelling related costs that have to be incurred every time our ministry conducts trainings. All trainings without continuous refresher modules also lose much of their effectiveness.

The key problem with long duration Trainings is the work disruption it causes. The way out is to do short duration, few-hours trainings every day, with restricted time available for attending to immediate work as well. How to conduct short duration trainings (like say half day sessions) continuously for a week or a month or a quarter across multiple locations?

Trainees are able to take only a fraction of what the trainer taught. So there is an important need for empowering the trainees to revise the training content on their own on demand. As the new officers are joining regularly they should not have to wait for the next training programme to get started with the learning. Some training programmes can only be conducted once in a year and at significant cost. How to empower employees to self-learn on demand in a more effective manner? How to take the benefits of the same to others who could not participate then?

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