Director General of a Research Institute

1) My department’s success depends upon how well continuously trained our scientists are and how much they interact with the world’s very best scientists and industry professionals in their domains. But a shortage of senior trainers and difficulty in able to bring senior scientists and industry professionals from all over the world, coupled with a wide geographical spread of our teams means training and knowledge expansion cannot be done regularly on account of huge travelling related costs that have to be incurred every time our organization conducts trainings and interactive sessions with other fellow scientists or industry professionals. Our efforts to do these interactions using video conferencing have not been effective at all to have the higher and close linkages.

So how to regularly train and increase the knowledge of the entire nationwide senior officers in a cost effective manner as against once in a blue moon administration of training or interaction with senior scientists and industry professionals across the world in the same domain?

How can Business Octane help the Director General of a Research Institute?

Business Octane can help by empowering your organization with unprecedentedly effective new paradigms of immersive video trainings can help you dramatically shorten the learning curve of your research institute.

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