Why should you choose Business Octane as your most preferred partner for Immersive video collaboration?

Choose Business Octane as your most preferred partner for all your global Ultra Immersive/Immersive/Near Immersive Visual collaboration needs

1) Partner with India’s Only and one of the few in the world Super Specialist in the domain of Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration

a. Business Octane is India’s only and one of the few in world super specialist with “one of its kind and most powerful in the world” solutions for addressing each and every obstacle faced in Visual Collaboration so as to convert the experience in to a Ultra Immersive experience.

b. Business Octane has brought out multiple technological innovations from in house research and development which have redefined and reset the world standards in Domain of Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration

c. Business Octane is the only company which apart from having Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration products also has one of its kind Ultra Immersive Visual Learning products which seamlessly interoperate with Immersive Visual Collaboration products.

2) Largest Unmatched Enterprise Class Standard and Bespoke Ultra Immersive Visual collaboration solutions :

a) Business Octane provides the world’s largest range of Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration standard solutions which are 21 in no. and are available with thirteen different seating capacities. They are CollaboratorHYPERMAX, CollaboratorTURBOMAX, CollaboratorPOWEMAX T , CollaboratorPOWEMAX B, CollaboratorPOWEMAX V and CollaboratorMINIMAX.

b) Each one of above can be customized too for your bespoke experience.

c) Further each product is also available in Immersive Visual Collaboration Variant which can be further customized for your own customized near Immersive Visual Collaboration giving you immense choice for different rooms at different locations in your enterprise depending upon their importance and need.

3) Unprecedented Simplicity and Amazing Ease of Use:

a. Business Octane’s new revolutionary user interface SimpliUSE+++™ incorporates TeleConnectWizard™ for providing unprecedented capability to senior management users on demand to connect multiple locations or just one another location by pressing their favourite meeting button.

b. After that they can further add new locations or drop joined locations all by themselves very easily. They can also initiate. Pause or stop recording of the entire meeting without the presence of any support personnel present for the sake of confidentiality.

c. The multiple meeting participants do not have to be just telepresence rooms but can be ordinary VC rooms, Desktop Video Participants, Apple/Android Tablet participants and multiple audio participants giving them an unprecedented amazing ease of use.

d. Using Business Octane’s AltraScheduler 1000 Microsoft Outlook/web scheduling solution and SchedulGARD you can also easily schedule all your enterprise Visual collaborations in the easiest way.

4) Unprecedented Collaboration Capability in Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration

a) For the first time Business Octane brings in the Collaborative capability in all its telepresence offerings so as actually be able to work with the distance participants in absolutely the same way as if the participants are sitting across the table in the same room.

b) Be it the explanation from documents or even from an ordinary ceramic whiteboard with amazing ease of usage for very senior decision makers.

c) Further users can make PC less presentations, make annotations on their presentations and explain additionally from a electronic whiteboard either sitting/standing (depending upon customer choice) whose notes can be saved for emailing.

Lack of these fundamental requirements defeats the basic purpose of Immersive Visual Collaboration.

5) Unmatched capability of upgrading your Vanilla high definition Video conferencing experience to Ultra Immersive/Immersive/Near Immersive experience any time

a) Business Octane is the only solution provider in the Industry that can help you upgrade from high definition Video conference experience to Immersive visual collaboration experience now or in future when you are ready without wasting your investment in plain Vanilla High definition Video conferencing.

b) Using Business Octane’s path breaking Visual Collaboration Immersiveness Enhancer Solutions such as AltraMobilizerVC, AltraAnnotatorVC, AltraContentVC, AltraExecutiveVC,AltraWorkdriverVC,AltraLitingVC,AltraInteriorsVC, AltraTableVC, AltraSignageVC, MDTADS, AltraDOCK, AltraAutotrainerVC you can enhance the end user experience further by making it more immersive any time in future.

6) Business Octane will help you integrate your Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration in your Enterprise Unified Communications

Business Octane also brings the in house expertise for integrating your Immersive visual Collaboration with Microsoft Lync and IBM lotus notes.

7) Largest Nationwide infrastructure for Executive Experience Centers for Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration /Learning solutions in India

Business Octane has built a national chain of the Executive Experience centers across the nation at Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore (now coming up at Pune & Ahmedabad) to enable the customers to experience the building blocks of our solutions .Hence practically demonstrating the above proposed solutions and leaving nothing to imagination which helps customers to take fully informed decisions to achieve the desired objectives from their investment.

8) Unmatched Customer Usage Expertise for Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration products

Business Octane also brings unprecedented user experience expertise on the table for our customers as we ourselves take the same medicine that we give to our customers. Within house availability of more than 20 Immersive Visual Collaboration suites, desktop video for all the employees, and Microsoft LYNK integration for unified visual Communication and Collaboration we are using the same state of the art solutions that we recommend to our customers.

9) Get Industry’s Best bespoke service for unique customization of your Ultra Immersive/Immersive/Near Immersive Visual Collaboration rooms

Business Octane brings industry’s unmatched design expertise to help you in design of your bespoke Visual Collaboration rooms layouts, furniture and interiors for substantially improving the user experience. This includes engineered acoustics, engineered lighting, conference table layout in multiple sitting arrangements, high quality cable management, right placement of displays and right placement of cameras.

10) Largest customer base for Ultra Immersive/Immersive/Near Immersive Visual Collaboration enterprise customers in India

Business Octane has hundreds of enterprise Ultra Immersive/Immersive/Near Immersive Visual Collaboration enterprise customers across different verticals apart from hundreds of high definition Video teleconferencing customers.

11) Unmatched presales and post sales support

a) Business Octane also has the biggest number of dedicated professionals in both pre sales and post sales in this domain to provide you unmatched in the industry direct across India Pre sales and after sales support.

b)We also offer Enhanced value additional warranty pack at the time of purchase or Enhanced value annual maintenance pack after warranty for all the products with assured response time, assured resolution time and assured yearly up time for complete peace of mind for all your Ultra Immersive/Immersive/Near Immersive Visual Collaboration needs.

c) Business Octane is already providing across the globe support for its Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration customers for a single interface and accountability for complete peace of mind for the customers.

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