How to dramatically empower your ceo to take the organization to new heights

How to dramatically empower your ceo to take the organization to new heights

(Immersive Video Collaboration Solution can empower your Senior Management)

 Have you ever thought that if you empower your CEO to have more frequent interactions with enterprise wide posted teams and enable him to have frequent reviews, while reducing his travel time, he can take your organization to the heights, never ever thought before?

In this ultra-competitive fast changing business world, Chairman / CEO or CXO of an organization has to invest more time in work than any of his office employees.  

 Fast is the buzzword of current business times for any business to survive, prosper and grow and fast decision needs to be taken by a top –notch head. A Chairman / CEO or CXO of an organization needs to be FAST to achieve these 4 biggest fundamental competitive advantages over their competitors:

Fast decisions yet with reduced risk,

Fast employee realignment with new management strategies,

Fast speed of execution

Faster speed to market than competitors

Travelling has become the necessity to achieve all these four fundamental objectives and senior executives are investing perhaps one third to half of their time in business travel. It takes a lot from the personal productivity and acts as a big hindrance to make a bigger difference to the success of the organization. Time is money!! Time should be saved on travelling and invested in work!!

 In spite of having video conferencing facilities installed, purpose of Video Collaboration & meetings is not achieved as it does not meet their basic expectations, resulting in huge investment of time and money in travel, and making the reviews ineffective.

Effective reviews await either business travel or they are just not done frequently. This ultimately reflects finally in the key financials of the organization as a lost opportunity. It is seen, whatever gets reviewed face to face frequently gets done!

 With cut throat future competition, no organization can take their past success for granted and there is always a need to update new strategies. Every single day matters in this fast changing Ultra-Competitive world!!

 Faster speed with the help of Immersive video meetings & collaboration can give you a competitive edge on your competitor. Multiple locations immersive group video reviews as effective as face to face group reviews & town hall events have become the dire need for every organization. A CEO and other senior management can interact and address directly with most of the employees with the help of Immersive Video Collaboration and motivate them resulting in better productivity of employees.  Because what a CEO can do, nobody else can do that!!

Business Octane’s new paradigms of Immersive Collaboration & Collaborator Learning solutions (EUCLAS)” can empower your Chairman /CEO/ CXO dramatically and he can keep the entire organization galvanized by taking faster decisions, leaving no scope for communication gap.

Business Octane is Ultra specialist  in the domain of  Immersive Video Collaboration and Immersive Video Collaborative Learning with one of its kind solutions originating from in house research and development over the last 10 years.

Business Octane has pioneered   a whole  set of  new paradigms of  business Interactions  over video which are not only 5 to 20 times more effective than ordinary video teleconferences for replicating the experience of face to face group reviews but also –

  • Amazingly easy to use
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Completely flexible
  • Upgradable & scalable

Your Chairman/CEO can now invest more time in work than travel and make a bigger difference to your organization with faster employee realignment to new strategies, faster execution, and faster speed. Frequent face to face video experience will enable him to have frequent interaction and review his employees on regular basis and guide them in the right direction at the right time.

Business Octane’s unprecedentedly effective new paradigms of Immersive Video Collaborations can act as a catalyst for increasing the productivity of your organization by helping your Chairman/ CEO/CXO to cut the travel time and significantly contribute to the success of the organization.

So why wait now, Switch to the new way of thinking and Immersive Video meetings & Collaboration & Collaborative learning.

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