Great Ideas have humble beginning!! How our concept of cabin solution of Immersive video collaboration was borne

Great Ideas have humble beginning!! How our concept of cabin solution of Immersive video collaboration was borne

An insight

Sitting in my cabin I recollected an important review which was due for a long time.  All our important video meetings are organized in our conference room which has world class facilities but however that day I was reluctant to go to the conference room and yearned for a mini conference room in my own cabin.

Already in the business of immersive video collaboration solutions, our conference room is well equipped with big screens, ultra lighting fixtures & audio solutions. Using telepresence technology it gives the experience of face to face meeting with life size images, crystal clear video & audio quality.

In that scenario going for an audio teleconference was not a palatable idea at all but my personal need to interact with my team from my own cabin without going to conference room gave birth to a new concept, an idea which has changed the way how the senior management should collaborate with their teams.

The idea started germinating slowly and we started working on this. Soon with little bit of more research and planning finally we were successful in creating a handy solution to suit the requirements of the cabin and soon a new solution was added further in the line of our products & solutions.

Most of the great ideas have very humble beginning and this adage aptly suits our cabin solution which we have specially invented for the cabins of CEO/ CXO / Chairman who just want to interact with their teams across the nation from the comfort of their own cabin. My own need to have a comfortable video interaction from the comfort of my own cabin was a motivating force for the development of this concept from inception to production.

The designing of the solution has been done in such a way that it comes in a box and can be installed anywhere within few hours without any room preparation and without any conduiting of wires.Using DynamicTeleAll Presence technology, the solution is best for seeing all the teams on multiple screens at all times from multiple locations while seeing the current speaker life size.

The solution is ready to hit the market and provides all features needed to have world class conference room facilities in a cabin. This is one of its own kind solutions Business Octane has developed and I believe most of the senior management will find this solution quite user friendly with its world class facility.

Now the senior management can interact with their team members individually or in a group, from one location or multiple locations according to their convenience.

Now there will be no need of making special preparations to go the conference room and take the help of an IT person. Just a press of button and your new solution is ready for Video Collaboration across the nation & world.

On top of that, its crystal clear video & audio quality will be reminiscent of face to face meeting experience and you will feel as if the participants of the other side are present in the same room.

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