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Business Octane offers Immersive Telepresence and Ultra – immersive Telepresence conferencing rooms & Telepresence solutions for Video Collaboration & Collaborative Learning. Video Telepresence & learning Telepresence are used subsequently for Immersive video collaboration & collaborative learning using cutting edge technology of Telepresence which is 5-20 times more effective than traditional video conferencing systems.

Essential tools used in Telepresence systems:

Telepresence systems are highly integrated multi-codec, multi-monitor, multi-microphone and multi-channel speaker systems providing a high end video collaboration with its latest technology. This system offers a high end hassle free experience to its viewers .Wires and switches are elegantly embedded in monitor panel and a comfortable and elegant life size experience is felt, which makes a meeting more meaningful and productive.

How telepresence systems can make your business meeting more productive?

In last one decade Telepresence Conferencing rooms are taking precedence over traditional video conferencing rooms because of its high definition video, spatial audio quality and life size visuals of the participants. Telepresence systems & Telepresence solutions are easy to use without taking much assistance from IT or admin department and hassles involved in traditional video conferencing rooms are not faced while using Telepresence Video Conferencing systems.

Immersive Telepresence Solutions have helped many organizations becoming more productive by saving the precious time of senior management from frequent business travels and addressing their nationwide teams across the nation or across the globe. Telepresence conferencing rooms give face to face replication experience and a feeling as if all the participants are present in the same room.

Amazing benefits of Collaborative Learning Telepresence solutions:

Telepresence solutions offered by Business Octane enable senior management to do video collaboration from the comfort of their own cabin with other board members, clients and employees spread all across the globe. It is easy to use these systems, just at the press of a button without taking much assistance from IT or admin department. It also enables senior management to review up to 455 employees from 33 locations. With patented DynamicTeleAllPresence mode all the participants appear on the left and right screens while the current speaker, speaking appears life size, life like on the center screen.

Similarlarly Collaborative Learning Telepresence solutions offered by Business Octane give the real class room feeling. The telepresence teaching / learning rooms enable a teacher/ trainer to teach up to 336 students from up to 7 locations simultaneously in such a way that that teacher can see all the students and recognize them from their name plates without seeing their back. All the students can see all other students from all the locations at all times and recognize them while seeing the current speaker life size, life like with patented DynamicTeleALLPresence mode.

Telepresence Conferencing rooms & Telepresence Solutions are setting new trends in the field of video collaboration & Collaborative learning.

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