New Facility Project Head

Key collaboration concerns of the New Facility Project Head that our solutions address

1. What are the various different kinds of video collaboration, audio teleconferencing and presentation capabilities they should evaluate for providing in the new meeting, conference and training rooms that they are building in the new facility?

As now they are making a completely new green filed facility how are these new video collaboration , audio teleconferencing and presentation capabilities are going to be different from the one they have in their existing facilities?What should they add “new” to provide a “latest state of the art high performance collaborative work place facilities” especially for the senior management.

2. What are the latest state of the art Senior Executive audio video conferencing capabilities that they should provide in senior executives cabins itself so that they do not have to wait ever for availability of the same?

3. What are the new special video collaboration and cabling optimized tables available that should be used instead of general purpose conference tables in video collaboration rooms?

What are the new video collaboration optimized lighting fixture that should be used in all video meeting rooms instead of general purpose lighting fixtures?

How can they nip in the bud the various acoustic problems that may arise in their video conference rooms in the new facility?

4. How can you save valuable real estate space and cut on air conditioning expenses incurred on cooling various equipment racks of various audio video collaboration rooms?

5. How can they nip in the bud for the new facility the endemic problem of missing presentation cables ,the need to bring multiple phone and laptop adaptors that delay practically every single meeting in their existing conference rooms?

6. What are the latest state of the art conferencing capabilities they should provide in their cafeterias for conducting town halls? How can using the power of AV technology they can make a lasting impression to every visitor to their new office?

How can Business Octane help the New Facility Project Head?

Business Octane can help the New Facility Project Head to create “High business performance enabling Collaborative and learning work place ” in your new upcoming facility that empowers your senior management to make a bigger difference than before and becomes a perfect showcase of your organization’s new capabilities by providing with new state of the art world class facilities for Immersive Video Collaboration , training , audio teleconferencing and presentations.

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