Collaboration Concerns of various government functionaries

The speed of execution of various statewide projects and welfare schemes of your state is directly proportional to how frequently you yourself along with your key senior officers are able to review the progress of the execution with your state wide/district wide teams of senior officials.

Travelling consumes state wide senior officer’s very valuable time and is also a very expensive proposition. Face to Face reviews cannot be done as frequently as we would like to do. This causes huge delays in implementation of various projects and welfare schemes.

Our ministerial officers are spread over the entire country. Multiple sessions that are repetitive and time consuming need to be conducted to bring everyone up to speed over video conferences because of lack of effectiveness of doing them over video conferencing especially for addressing all the locations together! This creates a substantial time lag between the time planned and the time by which this information reaches as it should to all the targeted members of our ministry nationwide. Time is money and loss of time means delays in implementation and escalation in the costs of the various projects.

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