Head of Learning Corporate

Key Learning Concerns of Head of Learning Corporate

1) Our training venues are typically different from work venues. So a lot of money is spent on travelling for training which consumes a large part of training budget. On account of this trainings cannot be done regularly for every employee. We have tried doing training over video conferencing but they are not effective at all. As a result trainings are delivered once in six months/once in a year /once every 2 years. How to regularly train the entire nationwide organization in a cost effective manner as against once in a blue moon administration of training?

2) There are too many trainees and insufficient no of good trainers. So to fill up the deficit, ordinary trainers are recoursed to. Using video conferencing to train multiple location trainees simultaneously is also not an option we can use on account of it being highly ineffective. This leads to differing standards of learning in the same organization. How to make sure all employees are uniformly trained across the organization using the best trainers available?

3) In spite of compromising with the trainer’s quality there is still a big shortage of trainers if the training is to be done at a faster pace so as to cover all the chosen employees under a particular training programme. Consequently it takes multiple quarters to achieve what should have happened in one month or a quarter. How to increase the pace of conducting trainings to accelerate the training penetration in their organization?

4) Another major problem in Training, especially for long duration Trainings is the work disruption it causes. The way out is to do short duration, few-hours trainings every day, with restricted time available for attending to immediate work as well. This comes in handy for Sales Team Training, IT Project Training and various other situations where work disruption may prove very costly. How to conduct short duration trainings (like say half day sessions) continuously for a week or a month or a quarter across multiple locations?

5) Our e learning portals do not give the effectiveness of a regular classroom learning experience and there is a lack of effective interaction so essential for involvement of trainees in learning to our on the go employees like sales people, tele workers and partner employees. How to train regularly on the go employees like sales people, tele workers and partner employees in an effective manner on demand?

6) Trainees are able to take only a fraction of what the trainer taught. So there is an important need for empowering the trainees to revise the training content on their own on demand. As the new employees are joining regularly they should not have to wait for the next training programme to get started with the learning. Some training programmes can only be conducted once in a year and at significant cost. How to empower employees to self-learn on demand in a more effective manner? How to take the benefits of the same to others who could not participate then?

How can Business Octane help the Head of Learning Corporate?

Business Octane can help by empowering your organization with unprecedentedly effective new paradigms of immersive video collaborative learning can help you to dramatically increase the pace, quantum and effectiveness of learning across your organization and its partner eco system so as to help you shorten your organization’s and your partner eco system’s learning curve which has become a dire need for every organization as it fundamentally impacts the organization’s competitive edge in today’s ultracompetitive business environment which directly significantly impacts the profitability of any organization.

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