Smart Classroom Podium

In the fast changing current scenario, smart class rooms are transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools. Technological enhanced smart classrooms are providing numerous opportunities for teaching & learning with latest technology innovations like Computers, Special software, Special Audio Visual solutions, Interactive touch display, Smart electronic whiteboard , Smart podium, Cloud based software based video calling, content sharing capability and many more things. Smart classrooms are offering innovative and meaningful use of technology in a smarter way for better understanding of students.

Tools used in smart classrooms:

Tools used in smart class rooms are much more appealing to the students and learning is much faster. Even communication gets better with smart classrooms because of experience felt during teaching or leaning. Tools normally used in an average smart class rooms are: Desktop or Laptop, Document Camera/ Visualizers, Interactive Touch Display, Digital Camera, Big Interactive LED/LCD Panels, Multimedia Pens/Stylus, Wireless Microphone for Convenience, Educational Software, Digital Podium, Cloud-Based Communication Systems, Skype.

Change your vanilla classroom to smart classrooms with smart classrooms tools

Business Octane offers Smart Class Room solutions for all your existing needs of transforming your vanilla classrooms to smart classrooms for local as well as video teachings. Ranging from Ultra Easy smart class room solutions to Immersive & ultra –Immersive smart class rooms, Business Octane is offering cutting edge Telepresence technology to its immersive & Ultra –Immersive smart class rooms. Now it is possible to teach up to 350 students from 7 multiple locations simultaneously with the best teacher available at one particular location. The trainer can easily recognize all the students with their name plates without seeing their backs. With DynamicTeleAll Presence all the students can see all other students from all places while seeing the trainer and current speaker life size on the center screen.

These smart class rooms are integrated with Interactive touch Display, Electronic whiteboard, Led / display, Video & audio solutions and software and hardware based processing systems. Smart podiums are designed in a smart way suitable for smart classrooms and provide better opportunity for teaching & learning.

Smart Class Room Content Collaboration Solution

Business Octane has gone one step ahead and is providing AltraTouch Content (On table content collaboration solution) for content sharing in its smart class rooms. Whiteboard sharing and annotation capabilities are also possible with AltraTouchContent. The teachers can share its whiteboard, laptop presentation and physical documents with all the students and they can see the content on the whiteboard in front of them and annotate on it. Lectures can also be recorded and accessed by the students later on whenever they need it.

The smart classrooms offered by Business Octane truly define how the classrooms should be in the present context to increase the effectiveness of teaching & learning.

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