Is your institute feeling hamstrung on account of shortage of high quality teachers

Is your institute feeling hamstrung on account of shortage of high quality teachers

Three burning questions – bothering the Educational Heads of any Institute:
How to sort out the problem of senior faculty members?
How to Increase the student Enrolment?
How to attract working professionals?

Massive shortage of senior faculty members in all the prestigious higher educational institutes be they pertain to engineering or medical or management or law or arts or biotechnology is currently the biggest stumbling block to take education standards to the next level and maintain the same which directly impacts the quantum and quality of student enrolment.

The shortage of senior faculty members is not going to improve but is going to become further worse in future times in our country.

Also there is a huge potential for higher education for working professionals which no higher educational institute has been able to tap on a large scale on account of technology limitations and having  learning experience from  the comfort of their own home after work time.

Major Challenges in front of Heads of Education Institutes:

  1. Many students & Insufficient Senior Faculty Members – Many have already tried video conferencing system to educate multiple location students by a single senior faculty member but this option is highly ineffective.
  2. The enrolment of working students for regular classes is a big challenges. Even E -class software and satellite transmissions are not effective in the absence of proper classroom environment & monitoring. Students enrolment in such programmers is either stagnant or falling down.
  3. Retention by students – Students cannot retain 100% of classroom teaching. Most of top education institutes record and archive their lectures and can be accessed by students. However multiple challenges are involved in recording the content and need of full time operator is needed making it expensive and time consuming. Still recording is not possible for student’s questions.

Then what is the cure – A major concern looming over heads of Educational Institutes

Business Octane’s unprecedented new paradigms of Immersive collaborative teaching and learning can help you get over the problem of shortage of senior faculty members and other allied problems related to teaching & Training. These paradigms will empower one faculty member to conduct simultaneous teaching for 48 students from 7 classrooms at multiple locations without compromising on the effectiveness of education. Complete classroom learning experience can be felt by 340 people with 48 working students per class from 7 locations who join the class from the comfort of their own city while being fully visible to the educator throughout. This experience is even better than face –to –face teaching class. The trainer can recognize all the students with their name plates without seeing their backs and tracker camera highlights the student as well as trainer with life-size image while speaking.

It can also help an institute to attain and maintain high education standard by increasing student enrolment and helping working professionals.

Along with these new paradigms, training recording with synchronized content, presentation and audio solutions for lecture rooms & auditoriums, hands free audio telephony and Teleconferencing solutions for senior education administrators complete the solution set for higher educational institutes.

Business Octane is  ultra-super specialist in the domain of Immersive Video Collaborative learning and immersive video collaboration and has pioneered world’s two new revolutionary paradigms of   immersive video collaborative learning with one of its kind solutions originating from in house research and development over last 10 years.

To have a better feel of these solutions one can visit to Business Octane’s Executive Experience Centers at 7 major locations (Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Calcutta) & direct India wide Pre-sales and Post-sales Support is being provided by dedicated teams whose technical expertise is unmatched in the industry.

So forget your worries about faculty teachers and adapt new solutions & new way of thinking.

Switch to Immersive Collaborative Teaching & Learning Solutions from Business Octane  – A cure for all your problems.

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