Monolithic Dynamic Telepresence Acoustic Display System (MDTADS)

  • Overview, Benefits & Specifications

Benefits of MDTADS

  • Highly Aesthetic monolithic design with thickness of less than 10 inches that will add a new dimension to your video collaboration rooms.
  • Light weight machined aluminum construction with easy to clean nish.
  • Also designed to provide highest eye to eye contact.
  • 8U of internal rack space with air lter and cooling fans for mounting codec, other audio visual, control and electrical equipments.
  • Angular front opening with one touch allows easy maintenance.
  • Available in 2 sized MDTADSTM 155L & 165L.
  • One 1080p LED display of 55"/65" included in the respective models.
  • MDTADS 165L is designed to natively house automatic speaker tracking/zooming system.
  • The unit can be easily relocated in future.
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