White board explanation and PC less presentation annotation system

  • Overview
  • Benefits
  • Technical Specification
  • Empower users to annotate shared content by converting it into JPEG snapshots or **JPEG images from USB drive in visual collaboration sessions
  • Annotation can be saved as an image in a USB storage drive for emailing
  • Does not disturb the original image le while saving and creates a newfile
  • Annotation on white board / blackboard with dierent types of colors for eective explanation
  • Annotation can also work in local meetings with the help of Business Octane's AltraWorkdriverVCTM
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  • Why should you choose Business Octane as your most preferred vendor for enterprise wide ultra immersive/Immerisve/Near Immersive video collaboration needs?

  • Why should you choose Business Octane for your video collaboration needs?

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