Why should you choose Business Octane as your most preferred partner for all Polycom Video Conferencing Products too?

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Partner with Biggest investment on Polycom solutions in India

Business octane has India’s biggest demo infrastructure for Polycom Real presence platform and Polycom Video conference systems in India which is more than 5 times bigger than the Demo infrastructure done by all other Polycom partners put together. This includes more than 10 Polycom RMX 2000 MCUs along with other real presence platform products CMA,VBP, RSS; more than 100 Polycom video end points ; more than 50 Polycom Soundstructure audio DSPs; more than 20 eagle eye directors and more than 20 UC boards etc.

Highest unmatched Polycom expertise for any partner in India

Business Octane is the only partner of Polycom in India that has developed full in house capability to fully implement entire suite of Polycom Real Presence core platform along with Microsoft Lynk integration and Polycom PCO integration. All other Polycom partners in India are dependent on Polycom Professional services group for implementation.

Unmatched Development on Polycom Real presence Platform for any partner in India

  • Business Octane Is the only Polycom partner in India that has developed multiple products on Polycom real presence platform using the Polycom Real presence platform APIs. These products namely TeleConnectWizard master Server 1000/2000/3000/4000, TeleConnectWizard-PC , AltraScheduler 1000/100 and SchedulGARD provide amazing ease of use for users for driving up adoption of the Polycom Real Presence platform ,helping you get returns many times over from your Polycom investment in the shortest time frame. They are also one of its kind products in the world as of now.
  • Business Octane’s new revolutionary user interface SimpliUSE+™ incorporates TeleConnectWizard™ for providing unprecedented capability to senior management users on demand to connect multiple locations or just one another location by pressing their favourite meeting button.
  • After that they can further add new locations or drop joined locations all by themselves very easily. They can also initiate. Pause or stop recording of the entire meeting without the presence of any support personnel present for the sake of confidentiality.
  • The multiple meeting participants do not have to be just telepresence rooms but can be ordinary VC rooms, Desktop Video Participants, Apple/Android Tablet participants and multiple audio participants giving them an unprecedented amazing ease of use.
  • Using Business Octane’s AltraScheduler 1000 Microsoft Outlook/web scheduling solution and SchedulGARD you can also easily schedule all your enterprise Visual collaborations in the most easiest way.

Get lowest TCO and Highest ROI with Polycom products with Business Octane Expertise in Polycom solutions

Apart from Polycom real Presence platform Business Octane has unmatched knowledge on each and every product of Polycom be it the video codec or the eagle eye director or the UC board or be it their audio DSPs or any other solution in Video and audio domain on account of continuous research being done by Business Octane for Polycom products especially concerning to the key customer usage aspects. This know how helps Business Octane sales team to recommend the right customized Polycom solutions to our customers to help them get the lowest TCO and highest ROI .

Get Highest Polycom future Investment Protection by choosing Business Octane

A Business Octane sales consultant will ask you more than 50 questions to understand your specific needs of Polycom products as against less than 5 by other partners. This deeper knowledge of the customers situation helps our sales consultants to recommend you the solutions which are not only good for you today but also measure up in future for you helping you get the highest investment protection for your Polycom investment.

Don’t just get “HD Video conferencing” but get ” HD Visual Collaboration” experience with Polycom Solutions by choosing Business Octane

Don’t just get video conferencing for your organization . Instead Business Octane helps you convert it in to Visual Collaboration experience. You can upgrade the same to Near Immersive or Immersive or Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration experience for driving unprecedented mass adoption to get highest ROI.

Get Unmatched Value Added Solutions from Business Octane to complement the various Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions

Business Octane has also developed the highest no. of value added solutions to complement the various Polycom Video conferencing solutions for improving the immersiveness of the visual Collaboration experience namely AltraMobilizerVC, AltraAnnotatorVC, AltraContentVC, AltraExecutiveVC , AltraWorkdriverVC, AltraLitingVC, AltraInteriorsVC, AltraTableVC, AltraSignageVC,MDTADS, AltraDOCK ,AltraAutotrainerVC, AltraTraindriverVC.

Get Industry’s Best design for your Videoconference rooms using Polycom products by choosing Business Octane

Business Octane brings industry’s unmatched design expertise to help you in design of your Video conference rooms layouts, furniture and interiors for substantially improving the user experience . This includes engineered acoustics, Engineered lighting, conference table layout in multiple sitting arrangements, high quality cable management, right placement of displays and right placement of cameras.

Get Unmatched Customer Usage Expertise for Polycom Video products by Choosing Business Octane

Business Octane also brings unprecedented user experience expertise on the table for our customers as we ourselves take the same medicine that we give to our customers. With in house availability of more than 20 Immersive Visual Collaboration suites, desktop video for all the employees, and Microsoft LYNk integration for unified visual Communication and Collaboration we are using the same state of the art solutions that we recommend to our customers.

Work with the organization having the largest customer base for Polycom video conferencing enterprise customers in India

Business Octane has perhaps the largest No. of enterprise Polycom video conferencing enterprise customers in India in the visual Collaboration domain with more than 1000 enterprise Satisfied customers across different verticals.

With Business Octane’s unique Genuine Value Replacement Offer replace your old Codec and MCU with new Polycom Codec and Polycom MCU Products

Business Octane’s Genuine Value Replacement Offer (GVRO) for your old Standard Definition video conference systems VCGVRO and for MCUs MCUGVRO helps you upgrade  your Old VC systems and MCUs to help you get up to 20 times better video quality while making substantial savings.

Get Unmatched presales and post sales support for Polycom Products for complete peace of mind by choosing Business Octane

  • Business Octane also provides direct presales and post sales support across India with the highest No. of dedicated in house Video Teleconferencing professionals with single interface accountability for your national needs to provide you complete peace of mind.
  • We also offer Enhanced value additional warranty pack at the time of purchase or Enhanced Value Annual Maintenance Pack after warranty for all the products with assured response time, assured resolution time and assured yearly up time for complete peace of mind for all Polycom products.
  • Business Octane is already providing across the globe support for its Ultra Immersive Visual Collaboration customers for a single interface and accountability for complete peace of mind for the customers.


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