Why effective video collaboration is the burning need of the hour for any enterprise?

In these fast changing ultra competitive business times to survive ,prosper and grow "faster employee realignment with the new management strategies ,faster Speed of execution and faster Speed to Market" than your competitors are becoming the three biggest competitive advantage for any business! As you know in future competitions is not going to decrease but even become more cut throat ,on account of which no organisation how so ever big and dominant today in the absence of these three biggest competitive edges can take their future success for granted . Every single day matters!

Who and what would make a big difference?

It is only your senior executives who can make a big difference.

The speed of employee realignment, execution and speed to market is directly proportional to how frequently and how effectively your senior executives are able to review , guide and strategize with your enterprise wide teams spread across the nation or the world without causing work disruptions.

Till now your senior executives have had only three alternatives of collaboration with your nationwide /worldwide employees for reviewing, guiding and strategizing.

  • Air travel to meet and collaborate face to face
  • Collaborate in an audio only or an audio plus web conference
  • Collaborate in a conventional video conference experience

All three of above act as brakes against effectiveness and frequency of your senior executive efforts to review, guide and strategize.

a) Air travel to meet and collaborate face to face - A very effective way to collaborate but cannot be done frequently as it leads to tremendous wastage of the most precious senior management resource that cannot be increased i.e. time. For a few hours domestic meeting two workdays and for a few hours international meeting a full work week has to be disrupted. So Key executives are forced to invest lot of their time in travel instead of work which slows the speed of execution and to the market.

b) Collaborate over an audio teleconference - More than 80% of communication in Non- Verbal which audio teleconferences cannot provide .So important decisions require to travel to collaborate face to face which cannot be done frequently .This leads to significant delays.

c) Collaborate in a conventional video conference - These are not even 5% to 10% as effective as a in person meeting have already invested in latest video conferencing systems .This is on account of the following Key problems faced by users in Collaboration over conventional Video Conferences.

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