Why content readability is very important for video teleconferences?

As Video Conferencing is no longer a "I-see-you-&-You- see me" kind of solution, it is very important how one can bring all the participants on the same page in a Video Conference to accomplish work at hand. And for this Content sharing capability is the key. Currently in most of the Video Conferences viewing ability of Content for all the participants is severely impaired due to seating lauout and small size of the screen, reducing the immersiveness in Video Conferences.

Now no longer you need to suffer on account of this with Business Octane's AltraContentVC Table top content display for empowering all participants to see content crystal clear These Table top displays are look-wise fabulous and the good news is that they can be retrofitted easily in matter of less than an hour on any table thus paving way for mass deployments. They also help in displaying content in local meetings as well enabling you to see content crystal clear even the small font excel sheets much better than even seeing content from your own laptops.

With optional PC less presentation annotation & white board explanation, helps you to creatively explain and bring every one on the same page more easily and also record them, which can further be e-mailed as minutes of the meeting, thus enabling your Business Users to get more out of their Video meetings.

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