What are the concerns of the various business heads regarding the effectiveness of video collaboration for their organisation?

Multiple location immersive group video reviews and town halls as effective as face to face group reviews and same location town halls for the CEO and other senior management executives with other key location management teams has become a dire need for every organization as it makes it possible for them to conduct business ,project and budgeted expenses review more frequently without any loss of effectiveness and without causing any work disruptions on account of travel which would act as a catalyst to significantly increase the profitability of any organization and also empowers senior executives to invest most of their price less time that they have been spending in travel in work.

CEO's are still forced to travel frequently and extensively for business, project and expense reviews in spite of having the latest video conferencing technology in their organization. Some of the concerns addressed by CEO's are mentioned below.

Our key offices, manufacturing plants and support centers typically spread across the country or the continents. Sometimes it is in not very easy to travel to these locations too and requires us chartering planes/helicopters .So a lot of my and other senior executives time is spent on travelling from other locations to HO location and vice versa because best reviews are conducted face to face only. Due to the time and travelling constraints coupled with schedule disruptions it causes, these face to face reviews cannot be done very frequently. To do them frequently we have already tried doing them over Video conferencing but have found them not to be very effective on account of whole lot of experience struggles I and our executive teams have to endure in video teleconferences. So how to conduct the business, budget and expense reviews with the country/worldwide leadership teams more frequently without wasting my and other senior executives precious management time and without compromising on the effectiveness of these reviews?

To continuously grow we have multiple new projects running simultaneously across different locations. More often than not all these projects suffer time and cost overruns impacting our budgeting, ability to compete and the overall profitability. So how to track and accelerate project implementation more effectively in the organization so as to avoid these project cost and time overruns of the various projects?

In spite of our best efforts our speed to market for new products is way behind competition which is making us hamstrung. So what can be done to increase the speed to market for my company?

We spend a humungous amount of money on senior management travelling even now which has still not come down in spite of having video conferencing everywhere? So how to reduce these huge travelling costs of our senior management teams for improving our profitability?

In this ultracompetitive fast changing business world we have to do frequent change in strategies and various course corrections. Deciding is one thing but getting all employees realigned quickly with the new strategies and course corrections is a completely different cup of tea for which we struggle. I do town halls for that but I am not happy with the speed and the end result. So how I can conduct organization town halls more effectively and more frequently for faster employee realignment? Learning is the fuel for growth! My company is struggling with the pace, quantum and effectiveness of learning for the entire organization on account of which we have a longer learning curve than what I would like to have for my company. We have tried doing training over video but it is very ineffective. This is one key reason for not reaching where we want to. So what can be done to dramatically shorten the learning curve of the organization so as to create more fuel for the growth?

  • What are the concerns of the various business users regarding the effectiveness of video collaboration for their organisation?

  • What are the biggest challenges that enterprises face that decrease the effectiveness of their visual collaboration?

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