How lack of user driven multi location video conferences not allow you to get optimum return from your investment on video conferences?

Organisations having about 16 Video Conferencing facilities across their Enterprise totally rely on their System Administrator to make Multi-location Video calls only through Prior scheduling and planning.

They are not able to make calls adhoc, real time Multi-Location Video Calls, slowing down the decision process. There is a feeling that the system is very complicated leading to less adoption. Good amount has been invested on the Bridge and the endpoints and hence the ROI is very low.

They are seeking ways and means to solve the above pain points.

Business Octane recommends the following option along with a host of Optional functionality multiplier options for increasing the effectiveness manifold times:

  • Business Octane TeleConnectWizard PC
  • Business Octane TeleConnectWizard Master Server

Optional Key functionality multiplier add-ons

  • Business Octane AltraSCHEDULER 1000
  • ScheduleGARD

Solution Description

TeleConnectWizard-PC application is a Windows application that allows users to initiate and manage audio/video multiparty conferences from their PC depending on the access permission given by the server Administrator, giving them unprecedented full control of their own conferences. administrator.

Now with favorite button, Business Users can just come and press a button to start their multi-location end user group meeting all by themselves without any IT/Admin support providing amazing simplicity of usage, which will go a big way in more adoption of video conferencing leading to a faster ROI and a lower TCO.

Key Features of TeleConnectWizard-PC are:

  • Microsoft Windows based licensed application
  • Local or Active Directory integrated authentication & access permission
  • Availability of Global Directory from TeleConnectWizardTM Master Server
  • Administrator has choice to hide any room to any user
  • Create your own Groups & Favorites
  • One click multiparty audio/video conference dialing from Favorites
  • Address book grouping for better searching and also search option available
  • Redial last conference or dialing from own call history
  • Mute/Unmute any participant
  • Record the audio/video conference calls
  • Add Adhoc audio/video participants in the running call which is not available in address book

TeleConnectWizard™-Master Server

TeleConnectWizard-Master Server is a compulsory product for the TeleconnectWizardPC application to work.

TeleConnectWizard™-Master Server is a Windows based application that allows user interface ,i.e.TeleConnectWizard –Touch and TeleConnectWizard™ -PC to start and manage multiparty audio and video conference calls through MCU without being dependent on the MCU operator.

TeleConnectWizard™ user interface gets the global address book,groups ,favorites and various functionalities related to multiparty conferences through server application .User also gets the conference room scheduling & room booking status display on the touch panel display through the server application .it also controls the MCU & Telepresence /VC rooms control processors

  • Role based access with informative dashboard
  • Global & Personal Address book
  • Global & Personal Groups & Favorites
  • Address book search
  • One touch favorite dialing
  • Bandwidth & Layout Selection
  • Meeting ID & Password
  • Dialing on IP,SIP,ISDN,URL & extension dialing
  • Redialing option
  • Conference recording
  • Reports & Alerts

Business Octane AltraSCHEDULER™ 1000 is an application that enables Microsoft Outlook users to book multiple conference rooms together for audio/video teleconferences across various locations .The same also gets displayed on Business Octane's ScheduleGARD™ outside the every booked conference room across all the locations if provided.

Users can do either only local room booking or can book the various audio teleconferencing rooms or book the various video conferencing rooms .For audio & video teleconference users can choose the option to get the call dialled automatically or launch the call by manually touching the dial button from the Business Octane's TeleConnectWizard™ -Touch user interface from the room which is selected as the call initaitor or from the specified individuals TeleConnectWizard™ -PC client .

Recurring meetings can be booked depending on the availability of selected rooms. Users can also edit or cancel the booking prior to starting the conference call.

Check all video teleconferencing enabled rooms availability at all locations or for a particular location for a particular day.

Once the room is booked and the meeting starts ,it gets displayed on the ScheduleGARD™ outside all the booked rooms across various locations for audio/video teleconferences and only outside the chosen room for local meeting booking

Business Octane ScheduleGARD™

Business Octane ScheduleGARD™ is a local ,audio and video meeting room booking & availability status display system which turns red when booked & gives clear indication that you cannot use the room as it is booked .It also displays the meeting name and meeting host name.

The user can check today's or future bookings from the touch panel .If somebody has booked the room but the same is not being used anyone else can report it to the administrator from the touch panel to free it. Users can also report the technical problems of the room which are conveyed to the designated technical team for resolution.

Key Functionalities of ScheduleGARD are:

  • Highly aesthetic design for mounting on any dry wall
  • It requires only one LAN wire connection i.e. Power over Ethernet
  • Displays room availability and remains green when available
  • Turns red while the room is booked and displays host name & meeting name
  • It displays the room name & image
  • User can check all the scheduled meetings
  • Authentication & permission based access
  • Active directory integration
  • Users can book Adhoc for local meetings
  • Users can report unused bookings
  • Users can report technical problems of the room
  • The time bar shows the meeting progress and time left

Usage Advantages

TeleConnectWizard PC is a windows based one click multiparty audio/video dialing user interface for end users increases the adoption of Video Collaboration further substantial in your Enterprise by empowering Business Users to launch multi-location Video Collaboration, with amazing ease of use, on demand, real time, across different platforms and different networks. This will lead to more adoption of Video Conferencing and now you will be able to get more out of your RMX and Video Conferencing investments.

What are the most fundamental problems faced by Ipad users in video collaborations which we will address to give you more effective collaboration experience?

IPad users face a lot of problems during collaboratiion as they there is nothing which can help convert iPad into a secure room control touch panel for multiple applications such as local meetings, audio teleconferences and visual collaboration sessions.

Powers for your Ipad have visible cable scattered all around which gives a messy and unkempt look to the conference rooms.

To solve these problems Business Octane has a solution to solve all these fundamental problems.

Aesthetically pleasing secure dock for the Ipad users : AltraDOCK™

Why telepresence learning has become the key for sharpening the competitve edge for any enterprises?

In this era of cut throat competition and increasing product and brand commoditization one thing that can provide the biggest competitive edge to any business is superior trained manpower than competitors not at one time but at all times. Training has to be done regularly like net practice before every match to remain fighting fit.

Also regular employee realignment in terms of new skills and new ways of working so essential for the new management strategy at work, that has been devised to fight competition, also requires training of employees in a big hurry. That is why pace of learning and quantum of learning has become so mission critical for the continued success of any organization.

What are the key collaboration & Learning concerns of any union minister and union secretary?

The speed of execution of various nationwide projects and welfare schemes of your ministry is directly proportional to how frequently you yourself along with your key senior officers are able to review the progress of the execution with your nationwide teams of senior officials. As you would have noticed by now whatever gets reviewed frequently in your personal presence gets done really fast!

Concerns which the various other union ministers and secretaries face regarding their inability of conducting frequent highly effective reviews which is slowing down the pace of execution of the various nationwide projects and schemes of their ministry that is so dear to them and which leads to massive cost overruns and the national exchequer incurs a huge opportunity cost are :

  • As they oversee projects across the nation they cannot do frequent reviews with our execution teams of senior officials as much as we would like to do as it would require a very high frequency of travelling for our key state ministerial officers to the state capital because best reviews are conducted face to face only. But because travelling consumes lot of either mine or my state wide senior officers very valuable time and is also a very expensive proposition face to face reviews cannot be done as frequently as we would like to do. This causes huge delays in implementation of various projects and welfare schemes.
  • To get over above problems we have already tried conducting reviews over Video conferencing but have found them not to be even 10% as effective as reviewing face to face on account of whole lot of struggles me and our officials have to endure in video teleconferences every time when we connect another location over video conferencing.
  • It becomes further worse when we have to review with multiple location officers simultaneously together which often is the case. If face to face review experience is like travelling by a luxurious car on a expressway then the experience of a review over video is like travelling on a bumpy road sitting on the floor in a crowded open tractor trolley. So this is not the experience we can really work with to increase the pace of execution of projects and welfare schemes!!
  • So how to conduct the various project reviews with the nationwide senior officers teams at one another or multiple locations simultaneously on demand frequently with an effectiveness of same location reviews without making them frequently travel to the national capital which they are still forced to do in spite of having access to do video conferencing ?
  • Ministerial officers are spread over the entire country. Multiple sessions that are repetitive and time consuming need to be conducted to bring everyone up to speed over video conferences because of lack of effectiveness of doing them over video conferencing especially for addressing all the locations together! This creates a substantial time lag between the time we plan and the time by which this information reaches as it should to all the targeted members of our ministry nationwide. Time is money and loss of time means delays in implementation and escalation in the costs of the various projects.
  • So how to conduct nationwide various senior official's get together (Town halls) more effectively and more frequently so as every member of your ministry's key officials teams spread across all the states is energized and is also on the same page immediately about what you want them to do regarding various new government schemes and various new projects without making them travel to the state capital?
  • My ministry's success depends upon how well continuously trained our senior officials are. But a shortage of good trainers coupled with a wide geographical spread of our teams means training cannot be done regularly on account of huge travelling related costs that have to be incurred every time our ministry conducts trainings. All trainings without continuous refresher modules also lose much of their effectiveness.

So how to regularly train the entire nationwide senior officers in a cost effective manner as against once in a blue moon administration of training in the state?

Why talking to a person who appears life size is dramatically more effective than talking to post card size persons?

Low Immersiveness of Visual Collaboration- Immersiveness is defined as how close the experience of video collaboration is to the experience of meeting face to face

  • In a two-location meeting, distant participants appear smaller than one tenth of their actual size; this makes you feel as if your team members are thousands of miles away
  • In multi-location meetings, members of your teams appear significantly smaller making them appear as talking stamp size heads
  • Poor audio quality and lack of stereo spatial audio leaves end users straining to identify far site speakers with their hand and lip movements only
  • There is lack of eye contact which makes you unconsciously uncomfortable and makes you feel as if the far site participants are not talking to you
  • Apart from seeing and talking to the distant participants, no serious work can be accomplished on account of multiple challenges in sharing their desktops, explaining from a whiteboard or from documents which is very much easy in face to face meetings!
  • Also shared content is not readable for all the participants on account of room layout and small content display monitors
  • Smudgy video quality in point to point calls which further gets worsens in multipoint video calls in spite of using larger bandwidth
  • Poor image quality or participants on account of poor lighting in the room

On account of this the highest immersiveness that you can get in standard video collaboration solutions is 5 to 20%

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  • Juniper referral for XtraCOLLABORATOR™

  • What are the biggest challenges that enterprises face that decrease the effectiveness of their visual collaboration?

  • Why should you choose Business Octane as your most preferred vendor for your local collaboration needs?

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