What are the biggest chellenges that enterprises face that decrease the effectiveness of their visual collaboration?

Low Immersiveness of Visual Collaboration- Immersiveness is defined as how close the experience of video collaboration is to the experience of meeting face to face?

    • In a two-location meeting, distant participants appear smaller than one tenth of their actual size; this makes you feel as if your team members are thousands of miles away
    • In multi-location meetings, members of your teams appear significantly smaller making them appear as talking stamp size heads
    • Poor audio quality and lack of stereo spatial audio leaves end users straining to identify far site speakers with their hand and lip movements only
    • There is lack of eye contact which makes you unconsciously uncomfortable and makes you feel as if the far site participants are not talking to you
    • Apart from seeing and talking to the distant participants, no serious work can be accomplished on account of multiple challenges in sharing their desktops, explaining from a whiteboard or from documents which is very much easy in face to face meetings!
    • Also shared content is not readable for all the participants on account of room layout and small content display monitors
    • Smudgy video quality in point to point calls which further gets worsens in multipoint video calls in spite of using larger bandwidth
    • Poor image quality or participants on account of poor lighting in the room

On account of this the highest immersiveness that you can get in standard video collaboration solutions is 5 to 20%

Extreme low ease of usage-How easy it is to use without getting IT and admin support?

    • Users are unable to join a meeting without IT assistance. It appears to them as difficult as rocket science.
    • How easily end users can connect to anyone or multiple locations on demand?
    • How easily can they get everyone on the same page? Scheduling and connecting multiple locations across the organization together in a single call over multiple networks involving some participants on audio requires days of planning and organizing.
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  • What are the biggest challenges that enterprises face that decrease the effectiveness of their visual collaboration?

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