Specialized Video Codecs that add completely new value propositions!

(a) Why choose vanilla video codecs? Why not choose video codecs that add amazing video quality with the most unique functionalities and with highest value?

This codec includes dual HD 1080p 60fps live video and content, dual display support, HD audio, H.264 High Profile and Scalable Video Coding (SVC) along with a wide-angle 5x optical zoom PTZ camera. A range of affordable options is available including an embedded four participant MCU delivering continuous presence multi-party conferencing, desktop and mobile collaboration and control via an Apple iPad or iPhone for enhanced meeting management, with optional Premium 3-way Microphone Array POD. Recording on USB key / disk (with dual display systems, both displays show the same images while recording).

(b) Why not choose Video Codecs that are natively integrated with Lifesize Video Cloud to make video conferencing amazingly simple for end users?

(c) Why not choose worlds first Video Codec with built-in MCU of 16 participants which you can add by pick, choose & dial, all that from integrated stand-alone SIP/IP phone that also acts as microphone cum touch panel controller for the video conferencing and that has 30% packet loss tolerance?


  • Super 30% video and audio packet loss recovery technology which guarantees smooth video communication even on poor networks.
  • Yealink VC800 is a 1080P/60FPS video codec with the world’s first embedded MCU up to 24 parties.
  • H.265 reduces bandwidth consumption upto 50% than any other H.264 video codec 1080P/30FPS from 512kbps.
  • VC800 comes with CP 960 that acts as a stand alone audio teleconferencing device as well as microphone cum touch panel for the video conferencing system. Supports video call recording and user control of the multipoint layouts in 1+4, 1+7 and 3×3=9 layout format with additional capability of fixed speaker or voice activated speaker.

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