Enhanced Value Added Warranty Pack

Get Business Octane EVAWP Advantage

Now you don’t have to worry about placing the annual maintenance contract orders across dierent locations of your enterprise after the completion of 1 year of original warranty. Business Octane’s EVAWP gives you complete peace of mind for full 3 years after purchase.

  • Work with India’s only super specialist in collaboration and learning domain with the industry’s biggest dedicated customer support infrastructure
  • Protect your investment to get highest ROI and complete peace of mind
  • Service excellence through process driven national support with industry’s highest trained customer support professionals
  • Enjoy the highest system capability with Business Octane’s special expertise in their domain
  • Single interface accountability and support across the nation for quick problem resolution
  • Assured resolution time with provision of standby equipment with in built penalty clause
  • Trusted by more than one thousand enterprise customers
  • Save 15% on cost of services as against annual maintainance contract


Services under EVAWP shall consist of

Two preventive maintenance visits during the agreement period in addition to the breakdown visits, if any, when the equipment will be thoroughly checked & adjusted, if required.

    • Repair/replacement of all such parts that are required to be repaired/replaced for the smooth & ecient functioning of the system. These spare parts shall be repaired/replaced by BOSPL at no extra cost to the buyer & installed for the smooth functioning of the system. The free repair or replacement of the defective parts will be carried out in the best judgment of BOSPL to keep the customer equipment/solutions/suite in satisfactory working condition.


BOSPL will attend the breakdown complaint within one business day from the time of lodging the complaint in our branch locations & three business days in upcountry locations where in BOSPL does not have oces. The complaint has to be lodged by telephone/fax/letter/email. Currently BOSPL has oces in Gurgaon, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.


After response time, the resolution time for resolving the problems is one business day in our branch locations & two business days for upcountry locations. In case the equipment cannot be repaired within the mentioned resolution time frame, standby equipment would be provided within two business days of expiry of the resolution time except for PDP/LCD/LED monitors/TV of size bigger than 65” diagonal. For PDP/LCD/LED monitors/TV of size bigger than 65” diagonal the standby unit would be provided within 10 business days.


    • For the purpose of uptime calculation, response/resolution time would not be considered as down time.
    • During the warranty period, BOSPL will be responsible to maintain the equipment in good working condition by maintaining minimum 98% uptime on working days of a calendar year except Saturdays, Sundays & our other holidays.
    • The downtime will start from expiry of response/resolution time. The downtime will not include the time required to replace/repair of damage & breakages resulting from falls, accidents, transportation, negligence or misuse, failure of electric power, power surges or causes other than ordinary use.
    • If the condition so specied in Point (2&3) above is not adhered to, by BOSPL & downtime has exceeded by 2%, the term of agreement will get extended by 2 days for every one day of delay exceeding 2% downtime.
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