Enhanced Facility Managed Services

Key Advantages of EFMS

  • Stay on top of the rapid advances in AV/Teleconferencing technologies
  • Enhanced administration & troubleshooting support
  • Enhanced user support helps you reduce the learning curve and get faster adoption
  • Higher usage will help you get higher ROI
  • Get the highest system uptime with rst level problem resolution at site
  • Get complete peace of mind for all important senior management meetings and conferences
  • Available for three dierent kinds of technical capabilities of manpower deployed
    a) EFMS Platinum - With facility engineer procient in MCU & central collaboration infrastructure, video end points management, conference room/training room management, vendor management, MIS & report management and help desk support.
    b) EFMS Gold - Same as Platinum except without facility engineer's prociency in MCU & central collaboration infrastructure
    c) EFMS Silver - Facility technician procient in video end points operation and conferenc room/training room AV operation


Managed by on site engineers using the PC, service desk management tool and wireless communication tool provided by the customer

  • Log user calls and give them a ticket no. of call
  • Assign severity level to each call
  • Either solve the problem or escalate it
  • Track each call to resolution
  • Escalate the calls to the next level of AMC vendors beyond time limit of normal resolution time
  • Collect feedback from the user after completion of call
  • Pending calls review and follow-ups and updates to users in case of call is not closed
  • Generate call reports
  • Analyze the call statics
  • Vendor Management and call logging with vendors
  • Maintaining database of the various vendors with details like contact person, telephone Nos, escalation matrix, response time commitment etc.
  • Maintaining software of AV equipments
  • Call status report and list of critical calls faced during the month
  • MIS report for FMS performance
  • Central resource pool for spares (Helpdesk stores inventory)


Conference Room Management Services

  • First level support for all AV Equipment in the rooms
  • Resolution support for connectivity issues
  • Problem isolation –coordinate with Warranty/AMC vendor for resolution
  • Support for regular checkup of all equipments in the room
  • Coordination with respective vendors for Preventive Maintenance /Replacement
  • Projector lamp hour maintenance

Video Conferencing Management Services

  • Support for Setup of Video Conferencing
  • Dial in & Dial out Checkup for both ISDN & IP
  • Checking for Near End & Far End Video Display
  • Near End Audio Checkup & Adjustment
  • Storing of Intranet VC numbers in Directory
  • Help in establishing connection for users
  • Problem isolation –coordinate with Warranty /AMC Vendor for resolution
  • Coordination with respective vendors for Preventive Maintenance /Replacement

MCU & Central Collaboration Management Services (only for EFMS Platinum)

  • MCU administration & first level support
  • End user support for multi location audio video teleconferences
  • End user support to dial calls to customer, partners & supplier
  • End user support for recording & archiving of the video conferences
  • Software up gradation
  • Coordination with bandwidth service providers and the MCU vendor

Vendor Management

The FMS Engineer would do the required coordination with the vendors in the following areas:

  • Support of all the equipment covered under AMC/Warranty
  • Regular software up gradation for VC Equipments
  • Follow up with vendor for equipments taken for service

MIS & Reports

  • Submission of Lamp Hour Report to Admin for early sourcing of Lamps
  • Warranty/AMC Vendor service report filing
  • Escalation to Admin for late deliverables by AMC/Warranty Vendor
  • Reporting to Admin for respective ticket closure for all incidents


  • Report / call analysis
  • Fixed meetings with customer officials once in every quarter on service feedback & enhancement
  • Leave substitute in case engineer goes on leave for more than one day in a month
  • Attendance/punctuality control
  • Performance review
  • Calls monitoring
  • Deviation reporting
  • Escalation handling
  • Arranging on-going training, skill development exercises


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