Develop, grow and manage your new collaboration and learning initiatives with Business Octane's services designed to meet your unique business requirements. With the highest experience and ease-of-use solutions backed by our unmatched expertise and pan-India reach, you are assured optimized performance and reduced total cost of ownership.

Long Term Managed Rentals

Business Octane's Long Term Managed Rentals helps customers to evaluate new technologies in an expensive way .Organization incurs no risk of obsolescence as the agreement is only upto 11 months .


Facility Rentals

Facility Rentals helps customers to avail Business Octane's Immersive Telepresence Visual Collaboration Facility Rentals which offer Visual Collaboration which is as effective as a face to face meeting, Stereo spatial audio, LifeLike size images, excellent eye contact ensures no difference to meeting face to face and lets Everyone get to go home after the meeting! Saves huge time wastage of senior executives in traffic & at airport as you know that a 2 hour meeting costs 2 days of time and Disrupts work life balance.


Event Rentals for Near Immersive /Immersive Video Collaboration

Event Rentals helps customers to have their Product Launches to be a real Top Class Success all across the location. For the first time through Business Octane, you can conduct these events nation-wide in multiple locations at the same time linked through Video Conferencing or Group Telepresence and thus achieve more out these sessions.


Pay As You Use Secure Infrastructure Management Services

Pay as you use services which is a very Unique Pay-as-you-use model for Enterprises for Multi-Location Video Collaboration across different systems and across different networks providing Unified Communication and Collaboration.


Enhanced Facility Managed Services

Get Complete peace of mind with Business Octane's Enhanced Facility management Services as you no longer have to worry about administration, end user support & day today health of the video conference,presentation & training infrastructure of your organization. Enhanced user support helps you reduce the learning curve and get faster adoption. Get the highest system uptime with firrst level problem resolution at site. Get complete peace of mind for all important senior management meetings and conferences.


Enhanced Value Added Maintenance Pack

Now your audio/video teleconferencing & presentation systems don't have to deteriorate with each passing day.Constantly maintain complete functionality of all your audio/video teleconferencing and presentation systems with Business Octane's Enhanced Value Added Maintenance Pack (EVAMP).


Enhanced Value Added Warranty Pack

Stop worrying about the maintenance & upkeep of your conference systems just after completion of one year after purchase instead get complete peace of mind for full 3 years after purchase with Business Octane's Enhanced Value Added Warranty Pack.


Interior Design and Quality Supervision Professional Services (IDQSPS)/Interior Design Professional Services (IDPS)

Now organisations don't have to compromise with the functionality & aesthetics of your meeting rooms, conference rooms & training rooms, which would reduce their productivity by choosing Business Octane's IDPS for all your new/to be renovated meeting & training spaces to get high productivity, high functionality and high aesthetics.

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