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Enhanced Facility Management Services (EFMS)

Stay on top of the rapid advances in AV/Teleconferencing technologies

Enhanced administration & troubleshooting support

Enhanced user support helps you reduce the learning curve and get faster adoption

Higher usage will help you get higher ROI

Get the highest system uptime with first level problem resolution at site

Get complete peace of mind for all important senior management meetings and conferences

Available for three different kinds of technical capabilities Platinum, Gold & Silver

Enhanced Value Added Maintenance Pack (EVAMP)

Now you don’t have to worry about poor quality service, unresolved service issues, delays in response and chasing multiple vendors across your organizations various locations.  Business Octane’s EVAMP offers high quality service, comprehensive service issues resolution, fast response, fast redressed and one single point of accountability across your organization’s various locations. So that you stay focused on your meetings, conferences and trainings without worrying whether your audio/video teleconferencing and presentation facilities would be fully operational or not.

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