• Overview, Benefits & Specifications

Benefits of AltraAutoTrainerVCTM

  • Gives a new dimension to your distance learning and distance training experience .
  • Automatic speaker tracking and zooming system empowers trainer to see far site trainee asking a question automatically. The same also empowers far site trainees to see the trainer from the other location wherever he is in the room or any trainee asking a question from that location to be automatically visible to them.
  • Excellent eye to eye contact and high quality full frame rate high definition video.
  • High quality PC less content sharing with annotating and white board explaining experience for the trainer and the trainees from the far site.
  • All white board notes and presentation annotations can be easily emailed to students any time removing the need for the students to take copies notes.
  • Built in Business Octane's AltraWorkdriver VCTM for easy dialing and control for the trainer / trainees.
  • Built in Business Octane's AltraAudio VCTM gives far and near locations very high quality audio experience for both the trainer and trainees as if all of them are there in the same location.
  • Helps improve even your local learning experience.

Applications of AltraAutotraninerVCTM

  • Ideal for the both the training as well as the learning locations.
  • Easily interchange between the training and the learning location.
  • Ideal for taking subject matter experts to the entire organization.
  • Also ideal for higher education in so as engineer college, medicals, master program, etc.
  • Record every training effortlessly across your enterprise.
  • Raise the bar of effective training, without any compromises across your enterprise.
  • Empower the trainer to make trainings more creative in every training across your enterprise.
  • Engage your trainees like never before in all your trainings across your enterprise.
  • The flexibility to conduct any level of training anywhere.
  • Protect your investment. Upgrade, easily and anytime, to a more advanced experience.

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