• Overview, Benefits & Specifications

Helps your teams accomplish more from their VC sessions

  • Participants can share laptop content instantly with the far site & local participants at the press of a button (for all models of 25 LX, 50 LX, 75 LX and 100 LX)
  • Participants can explain through an ordinary ceramic white board (only for models 50 LX & 100 LX)
  • Participants can even share the paper documents at the press of a button (only for models 75 LX & 100 LX)
  • Show full room or focus on any two participants by simply pressing a button
  • Very easy to use touch panel application for room control and call dialing using Apple iPad along with Business Octane's AltraDOCKTM for complete security
  • Designer 4 button keypad for manual lighting control
  • Built in application* for automatic lighting control at the advent of a video conferencing call. Also for presentations and meetings
  • Standard models have VGA inputs and VGA outputs. Models with hv suffix have VGA/HDMI equal hybrid inputs and VGA outputs. Models with hh as suffix have VGA/HDMI equal hybrid inputs and HDMI outputs.
  • Can be optionally upgraded to LX+, LX+++ or LX++++ variants for amazing multipoint calling capability directly for end users

*For optimum results, requires Business Octane's AltraLITINGTM or Telepresence lighting fixtures which are zoned as per Business Octane's recommendation.

  • Make PC presentation at the press of a button. MypcXPLAINTM presenters can switch among their PC's depending upon the model chosen
  • Optionally explain from an ordinary ceramic whiteboard during local & visual collaboration sessions- TeleXPLAINTM
  • Optionally share your A4 landscape or portrait documents at the press of a button during local and visual collaboration sessions with PaperXPLAINTM

Get automatic lighting control for the desired meeting application

It gives you automatic lighting scene selection as per the meeting mode selected by the end user which can be VTC (Video Teleconference) or presentation or meeting.

When the VTC call lands, the lights switch on as per the VTC mode automatically even if there is no room. The various displays switch on and off depending upon the meeting mode selected by the user, i.e., the VTC displays will get activated only in VTC mode whereas the local presentation display will get activated in presentation mode only. Similarly, in meeting mode, all displays are switched off.

The lighting mode can also be selected manually by the users.

It gives all users easy camera control for showing the speaker as life size or alternatively for showing the entire group

No need to use a clumsy remote control for focusing on the speaker which is also very time consuming and frustrating as it puts a big time lag between hearing and seeing for the far site.

See the speaker at that instant, life-like & real-size at the press of a button in front of the speaker.

The speaker presses the button again to show full room view of the participants to the far site if he/she wants to.

Give your teams unprecedented ease of usage and collaboration capability during visual collaboration

SimpliUSETM user interface in AltraWorkdiverVCTM LX allows very simple & intuitive control for your video teleconferences, local meetings & audio teleconferences.

Business Octane's new revolutionary user interface Simpli USETM + user interface in AltraWorkdriverVCTM LX+ incorporates TeleConnectWizardTM - Touch for empowering any non-technology user on demand to connect one or multiple locations over Immersive Dynamic Telepresence and over continuous presence with multiple Business Octane Collaborators, Video Conference Studios, Desktop Video participants, Apple/Android Tablet participants and multiple audio participants over MPLS, Internet and ISDN. All at the press of a button or by pick, choose and add method using a 10.4" touch panel.

SimpliUSETM+++ user interface in AltraWorkdriverVCTM LX+++ allows additionally connection over Group Telepresence and Dynamic Tele All presence using TeleConnectWizardTM -Touch.

SimpliUSETM++++ user interface in AltraWorkdriverVCTM LX++++ allows additionally connection over Group TeleAllpresence using TeleConnectWizardTM -Touch.

Key Requirements of SimpliUSETM+ /+++ /++++

  • Business Octane's AltraWorkdriverVCTM LX in the room
  • Business Octane's TeleConnectWizardTM Master Server* 1000/3000/4000 at network centre
  • Recommended MCU at network centre
  • Recommended video fire walls at network centre
  • Recommended video management server at network centre
  • Optional recommended recording server.

Key Functionalities

  • Easy to use & attractive color coded user interface
  • Wireless ethernet connection
  • Local, audio & video meeting modes
  • Room lighting, displays and other required things automatically set ON/OFF according to the mode selected
  • One touch favorite dialing & adding participants one by one from groups or all address book
  • Address book search
  • Option to select layouts, bandwidth, meeting ID & password
  • Adding Adhoc audio/video participants in case of non-availability in address book
  • Redialing last conference
  • Dialing from call history
  • Mute/Unmute any participant
  • Option to record conference

Features & functionalities of TeleConnectWizardTM -Touch

Selecting layouts & bandwidth ID

Selecting meeting ID & password

Dialing from history

AltraWorkdriverVCTM LX - additional features

Get an excellent cable management system on the table which helps removing the cable clutter in the room.

Automatically shuts down in the evening and restarts in the morning which increases the life of all equipment in the room.

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