• Overview, Benefits & Specifications

High quality ceiling microphones & digital signal processor based add-in audio system for improving audio quality in visual collaboration sessions in rooms having Business Octane's AltraWorkdriverVC™

Advantages of AltraAudioVCTM

  • For the first time, there is no need to speak into a microphone or a speakerphone. Sit anywhere and hear distant speakers as if they are sitting beside you in your visual collaboration sessions.
  • Get an audio DSP (Digital Signal Processor) rened high denition audio without any hiss
  • Visual collaborations sessions will no longer be lled with confusion as every spoken word would be crystal clear, without any interruptions.
  • *Optional stereo audio makes users more involved in video teleconferences, helping them to achieve more success.
  • Upgradable to the corresponding model of Business Octane's AltraCLARITY™, to add in standalone audio teleconferencing capability.


*Stereo audio availablity depends upon the geometry of placement of the microphones in the room.

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