• Overview, Benefits & Specifications
  • Business Octane believes less is more! So all spaces would be designed to be absolutely clutter free to let everyone focus on work at hand
  • All displays would be designed to be mounted ushed with the wall/partition
  • The entire placement would be symmetrically organized
  • The best practices of collaboration & learning on which Business Octane has been researching for last 5 years, would be adopted
  • All design work regarding conference table if any, electrical, networking conduits, mounting plasmas and CableCILLINTMs on the table, if any, is included
  • The displays would be designed to be placed optimally for highest possible eye contact
  • The cameras would be at the most optimum height for maximum eye contact
  • Why talking to a person who appears life size is dramatically more effective than talking to post card size persons?

  • Why should you choose Business Octane as your most preferred vendor for enterprise Ultra Immersive/Immersive visual collaboration needs?

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