TeleConnectWizard™ Master Server

  • Overview, Benefits & Specifications

The TeleConnectWizardTM Master Server application is a Windows Server based application that allows user interface, i.e. TeleConnectWizardTM-Touch and TeleConnectWizardTM-PC to start and manage multiparty audio and video conference calls through MCU without being dependent on the MCU operator. TeleConnectWizardTM user interface gets the global address book, groups, favorites and various functionalities related to multiparty conferences through the server application. User also gets the conference room scheduling & room booking status display on the touch panel display through the server application. It also controls the MCU & Telepresence/VC rooms control processors.

Available Variants

The TeleConnectWizardTM Master Server is available in 4 variants :

  • 1000 - Supports single screen VC or Telepresence systems
  • 2000 - Supports two screen Telepresence system along with single screen systems
  • 3000 - Supports three screen Telepresence systems along with two & single screen systems
  • 4000 - Supports four and six screen Telepresence systems along with three screen, two screen and single screen systems

Key Features & Functionalities

  • Role based access with informative dashboard
  • Global & Personal Address book
  • Global & Personal Groups & Favorites
  • Address Book search
  • One touch favorite dialing
  • Bandwidth & Layout Selection
  • Meeting ID & Password
  • Adding adhoc audio/video participants if not available in address book
  • Dialing on IP, SIP, ISDN, URL & extension dialing
  • Redialing option
  • Conference recording
  • Reports & Alerts

TCW Manager

  • Easy monitoring with the beautifully designed dashboard
  • Dashboard shows running & scheduled conferences, any alerts from MCU, VC or Telepresence Room, license details & connected users
  • Dene MCUs (Primary & Secondary)
  • Dene Cities
  • Dene local, audio, video conferencing & Telepresence meeting rooms
  • Dene various proles of the rooms
  • Dene other participants like desktop, Lync or only audio
  • Dene Groups & Favorites
  • Option to integrate with Active Directory or use local user authentication
  • See all the scheduled conferences, edit/cancel
  • Generate various types of reports

Hardware & Software Requirements

Intel processor 2GHz and above, minimum 2GB RAM, minimum 40GB available storage space, Gigabit Ethernet Microsoft Windows 2008 Standard Server OS, Microsoft SQL Express, Net Framework

Key Components

  • TCW Master Server Application 1000/2000/3000
  • TCW Manager (Administrative Panel)
  • Database
  • Web Services
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