AltraSCHEDULAR™ 1000

  • Overview, Benefits & Specifications

This application enables Microsoft Outlook users to book multiple conference rooms together for audio/video teleconferences across various locations. The same also gets displayed on Business Octane's SheduleGARDTM outside the every booked conference room across all the locations if provided. Users can do either only local room booking or can book the various audio teleconferencing rooms or book the various video conferencing rooms. For audio & video teleconference users can choose the option to get the call dialled automatically or launch the call by manually touching the dial button from the Business Octane's TeleConnectWizardTM-Touch user interface from the room which is selected as the call initiator or from the specified individual's TeleConnectWizardTM-PC client.

Recurring meetings can be booked depending on the availability of selected rooms. Users can also edit or cancel the booking prior to starting the conference call.

Key Requirements

  • Business Octane's TeleConnectWizardTM Master Server 1000/2000/3000/4000
  • Polycom MCU RMX 1500/2000/4000
  • Business Octane's ScheduleGARDTM (Optional)

Key Functionalities

  • Book local, one or multiple audio only or audio/video meeting rooms and select the auto or manual one touch call start option
  • Check the availability of the rooms
  • Modify or cancel the booking
  • Display the booking details on the display outside room(requires ScheduleGARDTM for every conference room)
  • Recurring bookings can be set depending on the availability of the rooms
  • Send meeting invite/information by email
  • Send meeting information to support resources, e.g. IT, Admin, etc.
  • Send default meeting details or customized details
  • Attach any agenda file/document

How easily Audio/Video conference can be booked by any user?

  • Step 1 - Open AltraSCHEDULERTM Outlook plug-in
  • Step 2 - Check room availability
  • Step 3 - Go to Audio/Video conference
  • Step 4 - Follow the screen options
  • Step 5 - Once you are through with your selections, click on finish and send invite

Check all video teleconferencing enabled rooms availability at all locations or for a particular location for a particular day.

On Screen Options

  • Select Start and End Time
  • Select mail IDS to send invite
  • Optionally put meeting ID & password
  • Add adhoc participants if not available in address book
  • Select initiate conference from option to manage from Room Touch Panel
  • Select support resources of dierent placesto inform about meeting
  • Select conference type auto connect or annual press to connect
  • All setting can be saved as template
  • Put meeting subject and host name
  • Select Telepresence rooms
  • Select VC rooms
  • Select desktop VC participants
  • Select audio meeting rooms
  • The selected participants can be saved as favorite or group for easy selection and dialing from TeleConnectWizardTM-PC

Save the participants selection as favorite to be available in TeleConnectWizardTM-PC for one click conference dialing.

Save your participant selection as group to be available in TeleConnectWizardTM-PC for easy selection and dialing.

Put your custom message along with the default system message.

The default message has full conference details and incase it is missed, the details to dial out and join the same conference are visible.

Add adhoc audio/video participants on IP/ISDN/SIP and save it to adhoc participants for further use.

Upload any pre-prepared meeting agenda.

How easily a local meeting room can be booked?

Set recurring meeting depending on availability of selected rooms.

*ScheduleGARDTM is a separate optional product from Business Octane

Once the room is booked and the meeting starts, it gets displayed on the SchedulGARDTM* outside all the booked rooms across various locations for audio/video teleconferences and only outside the chosen room for local meeting booking.

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